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Making My House A Home In 2018

(I love the light and airy feel of this living room)

One of my aims for 2018 is to finish making my house a home. Since I moved in almost 2 years ago I haven’t decorated, partly because it was a new build and I had to wait a year in case there were any settling cracks and partly because I haven’t put time aside to do it but I plan to change that this year.

I will be tackling one room at a time, decorating it, buying/replacing furniture and making it how I would like it. I think taking into account money and the time it will take, a year is a reasonable amount of time for what I have planned. If you would like to know what my plans are for each room keep reading.

The living room

I spend a lot of time relaxing and watching TV in the living room so I want to create a light, bright and airy space where I can relax and enjoy some downtime.

There’s quite a lot I want to do in the living room, some of which I’m not sure is actually manageable. Decor-wise, I want to paint the room white (and perhaps one wall navy blue), hang a few quote prints/create a photo wall, change the light shades and replace the curtains which the cat has clawed. I also want to change the layout of the room which means buying a new TV unit (I want a long TV unit in the colour white and wood or white), I also want to change my sofa and chair and buy a corner sofa (I have my eye on a lovely grey cord one), I need to find a large cosy rug to warm up the room, I would also like to buy a sideboard if there’s enough space after moving the room around and also a small console table for the side of the sofa to keep the phone and a lamp on.

After I have decorated and bought the new furniture I will see what space there is for adding accessories such as ornaments, candles and a vase or two – fresh flowers are always a nice addition to a room.

The hall and stairs

This is quite a dark area because the only light coming in is from the glass panel in the front door. At the moment the area is cream but I’m going to paint it white, the only issue I have is reaching the ceiling because it’s really high so I will either have to borrow my dad’s ladders or hire someone to paint this area.

I also want to buy a small unit for near the front door, either a console unit or a shoe cabinet with a drawer, I haven’t quite decided on that yet but I have seen a few I like. I will also be adding some prints to the hallway to add a bit of colour and life to the area. Another thing I need to do is to find alternative light fittings/shades for the light at the bottom and top of the stairs.

Ideally, I would love to add more light to the hallway with a VELUX roof window. I think they look beautiful and it would change the whole look and feel of the hallway by creating an open and inviting space rather than as it is now which is quite dark and dreary, but hopefully after I have decorated that will help change the look and feel of the area.

The Bathroom

I touched on my bathroom recently in my New Year, New Bathroom post. I mentioned that it’s a small space which can be quite dark, unfortunately, the darkness is something my home suffers from, especially in the Winter months.

I will be painting the bathroom white (are you getting the theme here!) to help make it as bright and airy as possible. I will then be adding some accessories such as a new bath mat, shower curtain, towels, wooden bath tray (love these) and perhaps a few other small accessories if I find something I love. The theme for the bathroom is black and white and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished result and turning my bathroom into a serene spa (okay, I wish) but it will hopefully be a lovely area to relax in.

The Bedroom

This room is not only my bedroom but plays host to my working area too with a desk, chair and all the other essentials I need for working from home. It’s a good size room but I have a very large bed, 3 doored wardrobe and long chest of drawers, plus the addition of a desk which is really too big for the room so there isn’t much spare space.

At the risk of repeating myself, I will be painting the bedroom white – yes it might get a bit boring but if I decide to add a colour at a later date I will have the perfect base. I need to buy new curtains or a blind for my bedroom which will block out the light, I would like to get a new light fitting or light shade, add a few quote prints, add some light with fairy lights and finally hang my mirror which has been resting against the wall since I moved in.

With regards to my work area, the first thing I need to do is sell the large desk I have at present and replace it with something smaller. The desk tends to become a dumping ground for paperwork etc so I’m thinking if I get a smaller desk and perhaps a filing cabinet that will help with the space and mess issue – here’s hoping. I will also be adding some motivational quote prints, a message board and any other small decorative items I think will help create a productive and motivational environment. I will also be replacing my current chair which isn’t actually a computer chair so isn’t the best for posture and comfort.

The Kitchen

My kitchen and living room is one large room with some separation with a short adjoining wall, but for the sake of this post, I have listed it separately. I will be decorating the kitchen slightly differently to my living room to help create the feel of independent rooms.

The kitchen will, shock horror, be painted white, I might wallpaper one wall but I’m not 100% on this yet. I will be adding a few prints to the walls to add colour, a clock, a metal shelf for extra storage and perhaps a magazine rack and a few other accessories.

I’m really hoping I can finish the rooms by the end of the year and have the house in a place where I’m happy with how it looks and feels. I’m really excited to get started and will be blogging along the way with before and after shots so keep checking back if you would like to see the finished thing, I can’t wait!

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