Making your home look high-end is affordable, even when you’re working on a low budget. Having an elegant and stylish home isn’t just for the rich and famous — anybody can achieve it, if they spend their renovation and decoration money wisely. Below are a few hints and tips on how you can do just that.

When it come injecting a healthy dose of elegance into your living room it’s very much about the detail, and what better place to start in regards to the finest of details than with crown moulding? These types of decorative trims breathe elegance into any room in which they are fitted and give it a real air of Regency-style elegance. To make your living room look like it wouldn’t look amiss in an episode of Downton Abbey make sure to accentuate the architecture in it by introducing crown moulding. Without this type of finishing touch, no living room that has aspirations of optimising its potential to be elegant and stylish can really finish the job. And to to really go all out with adding grandeur why not have ceiling beams or even columns introduced? Okay, maybe that is stretching the budget a little bit — probably best to stick to the moulding for now.

But what you should most certainly not stick to it just injecting elegance into one room in your home — if you do, your home will look uneven and possibly even slightly tacky. You can get the period elegance look in your bedroom too. First and foremost, the pillows that adorn your bed don’t just provide comfort, they provide elegance. Pillows can create a plush and stylish appearance without breaking the bank, but only if you choose wisely. You should choose pillows that not only highlight the colour scheme of the room (which we will get to later) but also provide the room with a comforting undertone. And you should most definitely pay attention to what type of pillow you choose to adorn your bed with: you should ideally choose decorative and accent pillows that are made of silk or satin (again, that may be going out of budget, so linen will do).

And yes, as promised, you can also find colour scheming tips here too — which is a good job, because it plays a pivotal role in adding elegance to a home! Really, a neutral palette that comprises mainly of cream or bronze should be sought after as they can easily accentuate any accessories or upholstery that you have in your home but you can be a bit more adventurous if you want. To do so, you could go for more dramatic colours, such as purple or royal blue, or even go in the opposite direction and opt for softer tones, such as lilac. In regards to this there are a few definites: one is that it is definitely down to your personal tastes and even personality, and the second is that, no matter what colour you choose, it is definitely an affordable task (unless you get professional painters in to do the job for you) as it just comprises of a fresh lick of paint.

What are just as important as the colour scheme, however, are the accessories that you choose to adorn your walls and sit in front of the paint that you’ve chosen. However, you should take care when choosing in regards to this as one bad mistake, even when it’s just on one wall, can ruin the whole room and make it look somewhat tacky; to avoid this try seeking the most elegant of wall lights, such as the Baccarat Style that is on offer at Chandelier Group. In choosing this style, or a style of the like, you can instantly inject a high-end feel to a room; but it’s not all about lights, you should most certainly take into consideration the ways in which mirrors accentuate a room and provide it with style too. They are some of the most glamorous accessories on offer and, if placed correctly, can open up even the smallest or tightest of rooms to a whole host of new dimensions. When choosing a mirror, to continue the theme of elegance, you should purchase one with a sophisticated wood frame.

You can make your home look like it’s right out of a magazine, even when you’re working on it with a budget in place. You should never let working on a shoestring stop you from stringing together the most stylish of interior designs in your goal of creating the most elegant home possible.

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