Maxx’s Dream Horse

Coming from a family of animal lovers it’s really no surprise that this has rubbed off on my nephew Maxx. From a young age, Maxx has been around animals – dogs, cats, fish, and a rabbit. He loves spending time with animals and adores his two cats, Edie and Spook. He also has a love of horses and enjoyed his first real riding experience last year when we went on a hack through the North Devon countryside, he’s now very keen to start horse riding lessons.

Recently Petplan Equine got in touch to ask Maxx to get creative and draw his dream horse – a task I knew he would love. I was really excited to see what Maxx would come up with because he has a great imagination, as you can see from his finished drawing he has a great imagination. He drew a multi-coloured horse with flowing black mane and tail, a bow, a cap, a 1st place medallion and it even has his name on it – very creative!

Maxx had a great time drawing his dream horse but that wasn’t all that was in store because Petplan equine turned his dream horse into a teddy! Having a bedroom full of teddies I knew Maxx would absolutely love this and it was clear by the look on his face when he opened his parcel that he was very happy with his dream horse. It even came with us to a recent trip to Chessington World of Adventures for the day and Maxx was lucky to get it back because his cousin took a shine to it too.

I have already touched upon Maxx’s love of horses and horse riding above, it’s a love we both share and something I’m hoping to enjoy with Maxx again soon. I would love to have my own horse one day but I know there’s a huge amount that comes with owning a horse, farriers, stables and I would need to consider Horse insurance from Petplan Equine among other things and of course, there’s the expense too. Until then I will be looking forward to getting back in the saddle and hopefully enjoying a hack or two.

*This post has been possible thanks to Petplan Equine, but all thoughts are my own.

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