Christmas Feature 2013

Meet TechPet the mess free Robotic Dog from Bandai


If your children have been asking for a pet this Christmas TechPet could be the perfect mess free solution, although you might need to get used to being without your iphone or ipod for a while as he’s a lot of fun.

TechPet is a very cute, interactive app based robotic dog – it works with the iPhone 3Gs, 4, 4s and 4th generation iPod touch. When you buy TechPet you receive the very cute dogs body and different cases which hold your iphone or ipod and act as the head (iphone/ipod sold separately). Getting started is easy, simply download the free TechPet app then enter the owner/pet details and you’re good to go. The iphone or ipod then becomes TechPet’s face – very cool!

When you install TechPet you will have the choice of a few different faces, this lets you personalise your pet, you can also unlock new faces through play. There’s a great feature on the TechPet app called Face Morph where you can take a picture of someone’s face, that persons face then becomes TechPet’s face, it is really funny – Maxx and I love it.

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As with any pet you have to take care of him to keep him happy and healthy. Maxx loves feeding him and giving him toys to play with. Taking care of him is simple, you place your finger on his nose and hold it there until the menu comes up, when the menu appears you will see lots of different pictures, each represents a function. For example there is a picture of a bowl of food – for food, a controller – for games, a box – where you can find his toys, medicines and accessories. Most of the icons are self-explanatory, but after you’ve had a play around you’ll easily find out where everything is and if you’re still stuck there’s a How To button and Q&A button which will give you all the information you need to get started.

When you select an item to give to TechPet it will appear on the screen, you then have to move the item to the correct area – mouth, eyes etc. The item will then be eaten, played with or added to him if you have chosen an accessory. There’s a huge amount of toys, food, accessories to choose from and as you play with TechPet you will earn more items.

If you fail to look after TechPet he’ll get dirty, catch fleas and become unhappy. Like below!


Don’t worry thought! You can clean him up, give him medicine and food then he will be back to his happy bouncy self. Phew. 

So now you know how to take care of TechPet we can move on to the fun tricks he can learn! Yes really, and it’s so cute. The more time you spend playing with TechPet and taking care of him the more items and tricks you will unlock. TechPet is very clever and can respond to your voice and hand commands! When he has learnt a trick you can ask him to perform this trick using your voice or a hand gesture.

To use the TechPet trick feature you have to use a device that has Siri enabled. When you connect your device you will be able to access and turn on trick mode. You will then be able to see a list of tricks your pet is currently able to perform.

You can see Jimbo, Maxx’s TechPet performing some tricks in the video below. We’re working on teaching him more and can’t wait to see him perform the trick stand! I probably shouldn’t admit this but I have found myself feeding him and playing with him when Maxx is at school so he learns new tricks and get items quicker!

As well as being a great little robot dog TechPet can be turned into a personal music player using the built-in speaker. He even shakes his head to the music – very cute and entertaining for children (and adults!).

TechPet is very friendly and loves to interact with other pets. They can interact and become friend using bluetooth and love moving and dancing with each other – very cute. We can’t wait to see how Jimbo reacts when he meets another pet.

TechPet is now a firm favourite, it is really entertaining to watch and train. Maxx loves looking after Jimbo and is able to feed, play with and train him by himself. I wasn’t sure if it would be a toy where the novelty would wear off quickly but it’s definitely not. Maxx is always asking to borrow my iphone so he can play with him. I think TechPet is great value for money, it is a toy that is entertaining for all ages and built to last. 

It is available to buy directly from the Bandai website. It is also available from Toys R Us, John Lewis, Argos, Amazon and The Entertainer. Priced at £59.99 

You can find out more about TechPet by visiting the Bandai website.


*We were sent TechPet to play with and review. I always give an open and honest opinion of products.

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