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Money Saving Tips for Travelling Solo

Have you taken a solo trip or is it something you have considered?

Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular with many choosing to enjoy a trip alone and taking time out to recharge. A recent survey by holiday home insurance company Schofields Insurance was conducted to explore the habits of solo travellers aged 18 and over in the UK and the results were really insightful.

The survey showed the accommodation habits of solo travellers were changing as people become aware of the benefits of different types of accommodation. Of the 1,000 people surveyed 65% have stayed in a hotel, 44% have stayed in an Airbnb property and 18% have stayed in a hostel. Solo travellers are starting to move away from hotels and are opting for Airbnb properties to help save money when travelling alone and avoid a potential single occupancy supplement many hotels charge. There are a lot of ways you can save money when you choose to travel alone, I have shared some of my best money saving tips for solo travellers below.

Be Flexible

If you only have yourself to please and don’t have to keep someone else happy then you can save money by being flexible with your destination, time of travel etc. The more flexible you can be, the more money you are likely to save and you might even find yourself visiting somewhere you hadn’t considered before.

Travel off season

If you’re travelling alone and don’t have any restrictions on when you can travel then you can save a lot of money by travelling off season. Not only will you be able to save money doing this but the odds are that your destination won’t be as busy so you can enjoy a more relaxed and laid back environment than the hustle and bustle of the peak season.

Consider a one-way ticket

Contrary to popular belief, a return ticket is not always the cheapest option. Before parting with your hard earned cash on a return ticket it’s worth checking to see if a single ticket will save you money and if you can be flexible on your departure and return date and time then you are likely to make a big saving.

Search for single rooms

As I mentioned above, many solo travellers are opting to stay in single rooms which people let to travellers, these are often much cheaper than booking a hotel where you could be charged a single supplement fee. They can also feel like a home away from home with many families and couples renting out spare bedrooms to travellers to help supplement their income. When travelling his way it’s always a good idea to tell someone at home your plans and read reviews from past travellers.

Be a savvy traveller

If you’re a seasoned traveller then chances are you always search for discounts and money off codes before purchasing things such as your accommodation and plane ticket but if you’re new to travelling then you might not be aware of this trick that could help you save money. When you have decided on which company to use for your accommodation and travel it’s worth googling the company and “discount” or “code”, for example, “Airbnb discount code” you will then be able to find any active discount codes that could help you save money on your trip. Before purchasing your accommodation take a look at dealsdaddy and dealsqueen where you can find money off codes for travel and accommodation to help save you money.

Book last minute

While you might not want to book last minute for a family holiday which can get booked up quickly, solo travellers have a huge advantage here and you can often find some fantastic last minute deals if you book late. Companies who still have availability will sell their products for much less to fill the space, in their eyes a space filled is better than an empty space.

I would love to know if you have been on a solo trip or if you’re planning one?

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