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Today marks the first day of Autumn which means colder days and longer nights, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. There’s nothing better than a night in snuggled up in front of the TV with a good movie, good company, and delicious snacks. It’s definitely one of my favourite ways to spend an evening during the colder months. When having a movie night there are a few essentials that are needed

When it comes to a movie night there are a few essentials that make the night that little bit better. I have listed my top movie night essentials below, so if you’re wondering what you need for the perfect movie night keep reading, grab the popcorn and get cozy.


There’s such a huge range of devices available to watch movies on, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and of course the TV. I prefer to watch a movie on the TV as I like the bigger screen and it also has surround sound which adds to the overall experience. I don’t have the most up to date TV and would love to upgrade it soon, technology has advanced a lot since I bought it. I have looked at the new style TV’s and love the look of the Panasonic 4K TV. I still can’t believe how much technology has changed in a few short years.

Pillows and throws

I think this is a given. There’s nothing better than watching a movie whilst snuggled under a duvet or blanket with some comfy pillows to lean on, especially on those cold Autumn/Winter evenings.


A movie night isn’t complete without a selection of delicious snacks! I usually reach for crisps, some chocolate and a glass of cherry coke. Of course everyone has different tastes and there’s such a huge choice of snacks, the most obvious one being popcorn but you could make your own snacks, have a pick n mix of snacks or have a selection of healthy snacks to enjoy.

A Movie

Of course to have a movie night you need a movie and a good one at that. We’re lucky that we have thousands upon thousands of movies at the tip of our fingers thanks to the internet, but this can be a blessing and a curse. It’s great having such easy access but with such a huge choice choosing just one can be difficult, or is that just for me? I can spend longer looking for a movie than actually watching it. If you’re like me and struggle to choose a movie then you could try this random movie generator. You simply select a genre and it will give you some movie suggestions, it’s pretty handy if you can’t think of any yourself.


Setting the atmosphere will not only help you relax but it will add to the overall experience. I love nothing more than lighting some candles, drawing the curtains and turning the lights off to create the perfect atmosphere.

What are your movie night essentials?

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