Christmas is fast approaching and I’m still trying to work out how it came about so quickly. It feels like I blinked after Halloween and here we are, with less than 3 weeks until Christmas…

As Christmas approaches, we all have our own traditions and routines. Visiting Christmas markets, putting up the tree, cleaning the house in preparation for the big day and heading to the shops, it’s a busy time of year for most of us.

This year I have been quite busy in the lead up to Christmas, with work, an operation and helping my sister move house, so I’m a little behind where I would like to be with my Christmas prep – oops. But, it does mean I have plenty of festive things to keep me busy in the coming weeks. I have seen a few people sharing their Christmas prep/to-do lists so thought whilst I was making my own I would share it on here too.

  • I still haven’t put up the Christmas tree, I’m pretty sure this is an arrestable offence, but I have been so busy recently that I haven’t had the chance to look everything out of the garage and find the hour or so that it will take me to put it up. The cat will probably just eat the lights again anyway… I’m hoping to put it up this weekend if I get the chance, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without one.
  • Not an essential part of Christmas prep, but perhaps my favourite is visiting a Christmas market – or two! I just love the whole experience, the lights, the hustle and bustle and all of the lovely smells that come with Christmas markets. Not to mention the unique, and often handmade gifts you can pick up. You can find a list of Britains Best Christmas Markets here.
  • I need to decide when I’m going to go shopping for Christmas food. I know you probably love Christmas food shopping too, it’s like the whacky races but with trolleys, there’s hardly anything left and we all stock up with 2 weeks worth of food – because the shops are shut for a day and you never know what might happen, right?! I usually shop in-store for Christmas dinner because I like to choose my own veg and meat, as oppose to someone else picking it and it not being the best etc. I’m quite fussy with food.
  • In the run up to Christmas, I like to clean the whole house from top to bottom. I tend to do this a few days to a week before the big day so I don’t have much cleaning to do over Christmas. I know a lot of people and even businesses take the opportunity to clean during the festive period as people are off work. There’s nothing nicer than a fresh, clean environment whether it be your home or workplace. Ideal Cleaning knows all about that with over 65 years of cleaning experience.
  • I’m not the best at wrapping presents, but it’s something that needs to be done. Don’t get me wrong, I love wrapping the presents and making them look lovely, adding a bow or two etc. I’m just not very good at it! I also need to buy a few more presents, if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet you might find some ideas in my Christmas Gift Guides.

I have probably missed something off of the list, but the above are definitely the most important things I still have to do to prepare for Christmas.

What’s at the top of your Christmas to-do list?

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  • Reply
    Kimberley Ryan
    December 28, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    great list, maybe I should make one next year as I seemed really unorganised and unprepared this year

  • Reply
    Maria Hackett
    December 29, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    for the first time i did online shopping this year for everything. it was convenient with my twin babies. 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful christmas 🙂

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