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My Dream Holiday Destinations


If you follow me on Twitter you might know I’m off on holiday on Saturday! I can’t wait to have some time to relax and explore a city I have never been to before. There’s nothing better than visiting somewhere you haven’t been and enjoying the atmosphere and culture of a new city.

I feel really lucky as this is my second holiday this year, something that hasn’t happened before. I visited Brussels in April for 4 days which was lovely, as it was my first time visiting and was lovely to explore the area even if it was for a short period of time.

There are a lot of places I would love to visit and are definitely on my must visit list, my top 5 (this changes month to month ha ha) is New York, Kenya Masai Mara- my dream is to go on a safari, China, Australia – I would love to go snorkeling/diving on the great barrier reef and finally I would love to visit Egypt – visiting the pyramids would be amazing.

amsterdam 2Photo courtesy of Louise

There are also a lot of places closer to home that I would love to visit, Europe has some amazing destinations. I wouldn’t consider myself to be well traveled but I am lucky to have visited Slovenia, Paris, Prague and Belgium.

There are a lot of destinations in Europe that I haven’t visited yet but would love to explore, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Venice are top of my list to visit in Europe and hopefully one day I can cross them off. My best friend Louise went on a mini cruise to Amsterdam a couple of years ago and said she loved it, she has some lovely picture from her trip and I would love to go on a mini cruise to Amsterdam at some point in the future.

I have never been on a mini cruise, in fact my first experience of being on a ship was this year when I traveled to Brussels. I really enjoyed the ferry trip and although it took a little while to get used to walking when the ship was moving it was a really enjoyable experience and I would love to go on a mini cruise in the future. I like the thought of visiting several destinations over a short period of time and getting to enjoy different destinations day to day.

I have had a look on some of the cruise websites and there are a lot of great offers available and lots of different destinations to visit. One of the companies I looked at was Fred Olsen which was mentioned to me by Louise who’s relative traveled with them, they offer mini cruises to several European destinations including Amsterdam. I was surprised at how affordable mini cruises are and hope to be able to enjoy a mini cruise over the next couple of years. I reckon a girlie weekend in Amsterdam would be amazing!

I’m hoping to visit a hot destination next year with golden beaches as I have never been to somewhere with a hot climate, a girl can dream right?

Where is your number one holiday destination?

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