I’m sure we all daydream about our dream house. The one with 4 bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, oh and the swimming pool in the garden of course! But, if you could create your own dream house what would you have? A tennis court, a paddock, or a cinema room?

Having just moved it got me thinking about what my dream house would look like, and I thought it would be fun to turn it into a blog post. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll have my dream home.


Underfloor heating

I like wooden floors, but this has it’s own problems – cold floors and cold feet! I don’t like wearing slippers, and would much rather not wear socks indoors either, but I’m forced to wear something on my feet due to the wooden flooring in the living room and bedroom. It looks lovely, but my feet wish it was carpet. That’s why my dream house would have underfloor heating. I would love to have underfloor heating to keep my feet warm and it would also mean that there would be no radiators on the wall – they aren’t exactly attractive, are they? What do you think of underfloor heating? Is it something you would have in your dream home?


A walk-in wardrobe

The next item I would have in my dream home is a walk in wardrobe. To have a walk in wardrobe would be amazing, no big wardrobe taking up space in the main bedroom and a room where you have space to see all of your clothes. If it had space for a dressing table then even better!


A garden, stables and land

There’s nothing better than relaxing in your own garden when the weather’s nice. My garden would have a lot of greenery, a lovely corner summer house, a vegetable patch and not forgetting a garden swing set to enjoy during the Summer months. I would also love to own a piece of land which is big enough to keep a horse. I love horse riding and owning a horse would be a dream come true. I would need a lot of land for a horse and also a stable to keep the horse in, so my dream house would definitely be big enough for a horse, or two. And maybe enough space for a dog or two, a cat, perhaps a micro pig, and possible a rabbit.


A home office

Working from home means I need a desk, and at the moment that desk is in the corner of my bedroom. It’s fine in here, but it would be amazing to have a dedicated room. Somewhere completely work focused, so my dream house would have a room which I could use as an office.


A room with a view

I love the sea and would love to have the view of the sea from my window. There’s nothing nicer than looking out of your window and being met with a gorgeous sight that stretches for miles. You would be guaranteed to always start the day positively when you opened your curtains to a lovely view

What would your dream house be like?

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