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My Fitness Playlist and Workout Wishlist with New Look



One of my resolutions this year is to Lose weight and be healthier‘ to be honest so far I haven’t done much about this, I haven’t done much exercise or altered my eating habits very much. There is however a valid excuse reason for this (the exercise part at least!), having had an eye operation three weeks ago I have to give it time to heal and settle. I’m hoping to be able to start exercising properly next week which will be a month after the surgery.

In preparation of starting to work out I recently bought a new pair of trainers from New Look to replace my old pair in the hope that it would motivate me to move more. They are a mix of orange, purple and pink with an animal print design (pictured above), they are really comfortable to wear and I can’t wait to put them to use properly.

Exercise wise I’m planning to do as much walking as possible and putting my 30 Day Shred DVD to use. The 30 Day Shred was created by Jillian Michael and is hugely popular, it’s a workout which uses interval training and lasts only 25 minutes – we can all find 25 minutes in our day right?! I had really good results when I did this last time so I’m going to be starting this next week.


I recently created a workout playlist on Spotify so I can have all my favourite music playing whilst I work out. I definitely find I work better when I’m listening to music, there’s something about it that motivates me and makes me work harder. You can take a look at my Spotify playlist by clicking here.

I have chosen a lot of upbeat pop tracks which is the main type of music I listen to. If you have any music suggestions you think I’d love do leave a comment below as I’m always looking out for different music to listen to.


Crop Top £9.99  |  Vest £9.99  |  Leggings £17.99  |  Trainers £19.99

Now I have new trainers and a playlist I’m a little more prepared and able to start working out. I am however in need of some new workout clothes as I only have one set which isn’t very convenient when I have to constantly wash it for the next day. Having another set of clothes would make my life a lot easier and who doesn’t like having a choice of outfits!

Workout clothes can be expensive, thankfully New Look have created a range of workout clothes that are not only affordable but fashionable too. There are a lot of items in the range I really like, some of which you can see above in my New look workout wishlist.

I love the abstract pattern on the crop top and leggings, who said gym wear had to be boring anyway?! I already have a new pair of trainers but it would be good to have another pair and black goes with everything so these would be a great addition to my workout wardrobe. I really like the No More Excuses Vest, not only do I love the slogan but the vest is perfect for wearing on top of a crop top at the gym but still light enough to keep you cool when working out.



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