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My Lifestyle Change 2012

A lot of you will already know that I have been trying to lose weight. Since July 2012 I have lost over 2 stone and what’s more I have managed to keep it off!
I lost the weight by eating healthily and exercising. I also joined a website myfitnesspal the website helped me a lot at the beginning of my journey as it calculated all of my calories for the day, it records weight loss each week and it has a community section where you can talk to other people looking to change their lifestyle too. The main thing that kept me going was looking at before and after photos, this really motivated me.
If I could recommend one thing I would suggest taking a photo of yourself at the start of your journey and then once each month, you may not think you have lost weight but there is no denying it when you see it in black and white!
I have to admit I have been slacking a lot recently and have fallen back into some of my unhealthy habits, such as drinking fizzy juice and snacking. I keep saying it’s fine I’ll start again after Christmas but that’s an excuse and it’s not good enough.
When I saw a competition over at Mum Reinvented to win a Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, worth £49.99 and Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales, worth £99.99. It was the kick up the bum I needed to get back on track and that’s exactly what I’m doing now.
I had such good results with my fitness DVD the 30 day shred which was created by fitness expert Jillian Michaels.  I think am going to start the DVD again, 30 days of exercise to get me back into those good habits and this time I’m going to make sure it sticks.
I’m excited about 2013 and what it holds. One thing is for sure I will lose this weight and be healthier by the end of 2013! Watch this space.
This blog post is my entry into the competition being run on Mum Reinvented. If you are interested in losing a getting fit and healthy take a look at the Get Fit Feel Epic campaign from Moneysupermarket.com.

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    Nyree Brunton
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    Thanks for the inspiration!

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