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My Memory Capsule with Safestore #safestoreyourmemories


Having recently moved house and as a result had to pack my whole life into boxes (when did I collect so much stuff?) I came to the realisation that I have a lot of sentimental items but nowhere to store them. The plane ticket from holidaying with my sister, the pictures my nephew has drawn me and the random but sentimental items I have picked up over the years were scattered not only through out my bedroom but the whole house.

Thankfully Safestore recently got in touch to ask if I would like to take part in their #safestoreyourmemories competition. The competition is in celebration of treasured memories which I thought was lovely, they sent me a storage box to store my treasured items in and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

When the box arrived I was pleased that it was a relatively large box which lets me store quite a lot of items inside and I still have room to add to it. Most of my sentimental items end up in boxes in the garage or loft but I decided I would keep the box in my bedroom so  I can continue filling it up. Rather than put the box in the garage or loft I decided to give it a Kate Spade inspired makeover and store it on the unit in the bedroom.

It was a really fun and easy process to transform the box, I painted the whole thing white with acrylic paint, I then spray painted several sheets of circular labels black to create the polka dots. I put the polka dots all over the box and lid then I added a thin strip of gold tape to the bottom of the lid to make it pop. The final step was spray painting the label holder gold and printing out a label to go inside. It turned out really well and now takes pride of place on my unit keeping my items safe and I can look through it whenever I wish.

So what did I put inside my memory capsule?


I have a lot of photographs, in fact there are currently 3 plastic boxes full of albums safely tucked at the back of the garage. I love nothing more than looking through old photographs (In fact I spent a couple of hours looking at them for this project instead of writing up this post – oops!). It’s funny how a photograph can make you smile, laugh or even cry, every photo holds some sort of memory for me and I don’t think I could ever part with a single one. I decided to put my photo album and a selection of family photographs into the memory capsule, this way if I want to have a look they are close by rather than locked away in the garage.


I don’t know why but I can’t seem to get rid of Birthday cards. I don’t open them up and re-read them I just tuck them away in a drawer but I can’t bring myself to throw them out. I guess because they are from people who are special to me I like to keep them! As well as the cards I included some pictures my nephew Maxx has drawn for me, I keep most of the things he gives me as they are really cute. In fact after I had taken this photograph I found a picture of a dinosaur in my purse of all places (that’s another one for the box). I also put in the sign Maxx made me last year (he calls me auntie Boo), I want to keep it safe as I will be using/displaying it soon I’m just not sure where yet.


These items are sentimental because they belonged to people/pets who are no longer with us. The Buddha belonged to my gran and used to sit on her coffee table, I always liked this ornament and of course Buddha’s are said to be lucky so I added this to the box. I also put in a poem my gran wrote, her birth certificate and a broach she had. It’s nice just to be able to see her writing and have a few things that belonged to her to look at as they always make me smile. The dog lead belonged to our family pet Skye who was much loved and is still missed by us all.


I have quite a bad memory so having little things from places I have visited whether it be a holiday or a day out is great as it reminds me where I’ve been. I couldn’t find my bag with holiday things inside (I’m hoping it was packed in the move) so I put in all of the holiday/day out things I could find. My sister and I were lucky enough to win tickets to the London 2012 Olympics, it was an amazing day so I included a few items I have from that day in the box. There’s the ticket for the event, the hospitality pass and the pre-paid Visa card (which we had fun spending!). There are a few items from my holiday to Prague with my sister Lauren, a metro ticket and a part of my plane ticket. The heart shaped stone is from a holiday in Cornwall and the raffle type ticket is from a recent day out.

insideI’m really pleased my items are now safely tucked away inside my memory capsule. I still have space to add items to it and the great thing about having the box in my bedroom is that I can reminisce whenever I want and don’t have to hunt for the box in the garage or loft!

What would you put inside your memory capsule?




* This is my competition entry into the Safestore bloggers #safestoreyourmemories competition.

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    March 6, 2015 at 11:10 pm

    I love this idea.. I love how you have personalised your box with the spots. If I were to make a memory box I would put in things from each of my three sons, their first scans, outfits and pictures. I would also maybe add some pictures of my grandparents and parents as I think it would be a lovely keepsake for the boys to look back on when they are older. xXx

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