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My Night Out Essentials

As a teen and when I was in my early twenties, I loved spending a night on the town with friends, over the last few years nights out have slowly been replaced by evenings in, trips to the cinema, concerts and meals out. Don’t get me wrong a night out on the town is still something I enjoy but it’s a bit more of a laid-back affair.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my love of getting ready for a night out. I love the build-up to the evening, getting ready while listening to music and chatting away while getting ready. When you’re going on a night out do you have a few essentials that you always use or take with you? I have a few I always seem to go back to so I have shared my night out essentials below.

Fake Tan

Having frequented sunbeds when I was in my teens and early twenties I now prefer to use fake tan when going on a night out. I’m much more aware of the risks of sunbeds and have recently had to visit the hospital to have a suspicious mole removed which has made me much more cautious. Thankfully the result was okay but it has made me take a step back and consider the consequences of sunbeds and tanning. There are a few tanning brands I love but one of my favourites is BODY GLOW by Skinny tan , you always get a streak-free and natural result.

False Lashes

Although not the easiest thing to apply, with a bit of practice applying false lashes will become easier – practice makes perfect as they say! When I’m going on a night out, to a concert of somewhere special I will apply false lashes – usually subtle shorter sets to make my lashes look fuller.


If you’re like me, then you’ll have different perfumes for different occasions. I have a perfume that I love wearing during summer, one I wear on an everyday basis and another I wear on special occasions/nights out. My favourite and the perfume I wear on nights out is Marc Jacobs Daisy – I LOVE this perfume.


I have always loved taking photographs and capturing memories so I’m usually the one found pointing a camera and this is also true on a night out. If I’m heading to a concert, girls night out or family meal I will always bring my camera with me to snap a few shots of the evening. On nights out I take my compact Canon G7 X Mark II camera which is small enough to fit in my bag and is great for photos and videos.


Not many people leave home without their phones these days and I have to admit that I always pick mine up before heading out. Phones are great for snapping quick photos, videos and of course keeping in touch when out and about.

If you’re more of a night in person then why not take a look at my ideas for a fun night in or movie night essentials for a few night in ideas.

What are your night out essentials?

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