My Thorntons Christmas Hero

I recently took part in a lovely Secret Santa with Thorntons. I was asked to choose someone I felt deserved a treat and Thorntons would then send that person a lovely treat. It was such a lovely idea I was really looking forward to being involved.

Choosing someone was hard as all of my family and friends mean the world to me but after having a long hard think I decided to pick my amazing dad and you can find out why I choose him below 🙂


dad cornwallmeal

   Ever the adventurer!                                     (My dad at the head of the table)

My dad has worked from a young age and hasn’t stopped working since, he works so hard and always has done. I can count on one hand the number of days he has had off work due to illness. He is really dedicated and takes a lot of pride in his work and when he’s not working he’s studying.

My dad is always thinking about others before himself, when my mum, 2 sisters, nephew and myself moved to England from Scotland after my gran sadly passed away he let us all move in with him without a second thought. Even though he and my mum have been separated for some years he let her move in too until we all found somewhere to live and got settled.  He went from living on his own and having his own space to having 4 other adults and a small child in the house, we stayed for around a year and not once did he moan or grumble about it. He truly is selfless.

He is always there to help my two sisters, my brother and myself if we need him and I can tell him anything and know he will listen and help if he can. If I have a bad day I can speak to him and feel better about it, he has a knack of putting everything into perspective. I couldn’t ask for a better dad he is one in a million and I love him to pieces.

When I was asked to be involved I told my dad to expect a parcel but didn’t tell him what it was. I was shocked when he phoned on Saturday, the day after they had been ordered to say it had arrived and he was opening it. He was really chuffed with what was inside and I think it brightened up his weekend which was lovely!

My dad loved the gift and I love the fact he got a nice surprise and a treat that he can enjoy when he eventually gets time to relax. A huge thank you to Thorntons for letting me be involved, it brought a smile to my dads face and in turn mine too!


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    kizzy bean
    December 3, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    would love to win this hamper for my daughter!

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