Need a Change of Career but Not Sure What to Do? Then Here Are Four Freelance Jobs You Can Do Online

So many people spend their days doing jobs they just don’t like. It’s the curse of our modern world: to get caught up in the rat race only to realise you have no idea how to get out of it. It can make you feel like an absolute failure, especially when your social media is filled with those who seemingly enjoy effortless professional fulfilment, endless promotions, and the money to match their successes.     

Yet the truth is one we’re too often blind to – that not all of us suit a standard nine to five. No matter how hard we work, or how much we want to conform, there are plenty of people like you and me, who don’t thrive in an office and never will. For us, a different calling beckons, one in which we get to control our own destiny. 

We’re talking about going freelance, and believe me, when you want to work for yourself, the internet is your oyster, as these four fabulous careers prove… 


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The world is filled with wannabe bloggers, but when you have a talent for the written word and the passion to produce top-quality content, it’s possible to make it so much more than just a pipe dream. We’re not saying that just anyone can write on any topic, but if you have a specialist subject you can wax lyrical about, why not give it a go? Start off writing alongside your day job, build a strong and loyal readership, and opportunities are bound to come your way. 


Everyone wants to write about topics that interest them, but another way to make a career from your love of language is to blog on behalf of businesses as opposed to yourself. Copywriters do this and more. Jacks-of-all-trades, they spend their days creating top-quality content, in the form of product descriptions, press releases, and anything else their clients will pay them to write. Although lots of them have blogs of their own on the side, the copy they produce for others provides them with a solid monetary foundation whilst they quietly work away at making a name for themselves. 

Online bingo chat host  

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Almost anything you can do in the real world can also be accomplished online, but usually with a greater deal of flexibility with regards to the hours you work and where you need to be based. That’s where this slightly off-the-wall suggestion comes from: becoming an internet bingo chat host. Just like live casinos, online bingo in the UK is growing in popularity, with a range of games like Rainbow Riches and Northern Sky, and this means lots of companies are recruiting for remote roles. If you have an ebullient personality and the necessary degree of charisma, why not put your natural showmanship to good use and give it a try?        

Photo and/or video editor  

If there’s one thing social media and smartphones have done, it’s encourage us to take more photos and videos than ever before, and whilst many people won’t splash out for the services of a photographer or videographer without good reason, lots of us want the content we capture ourselves to be improved by the professionals. That’s where you could come in. If you have a talent for Photoshop, picture editing, and photography/videography in general, offer your services in a freelance capacity and you could create your own little business empire without ever setting foot in an office again.    

Isn’t it time to take the plunge and try something that could actually make you happy?  

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