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New Year, New Bathroom

With the New Year upon us, I have been turning my attention to my home and the things I want to achieve during the coming year. I’m hoping 2018 is the year I can finish decorating and I can finally call my house a home.

At the top of my list is the bathroom. It’s a small room which has its advantages and disadvantages. My bathroom storage is minimal and the room is tightly packed but it won’t take a lot of work to give it a lick of paint and make it look fresh and clean.

Over the last year I have been pinning all of the lovely bathroom decor ideas I like and now I have an idea of what I want I will be getting started with the makeover in January and I can’t wait! I thought I would share my plans for how I will be updating the room below. If you’re looking for Bathroom or home decor ideas why not take a look at my Pinterest account which is full of decor ideas.


I was stuck on the colour scheme for the bathroom for a long time, I’m really indecisive but thankfully I now know exactly what colours I’m going to go for. The walls at the moment are cream but I will be painting them white to give them a fresh and clean look, it will also help brighten up the room because it can look a little dark. For the overall colour scheme, I have decided to go for black and white, I love the clean lines, contrasting colours and it’s very on trend for 2018.


I have mentioned in the past the lack of bathroom storage in my home and the problems it causes. I have a cupboard in the bathroom but when you add bedding, towels, the hoover, ironing board and iron, clothes horse etc there isn’t much space left for anything else. To help with the storage issues I have been looking at bathroom cabinets like those available at Lumino. I have the wall space and think a cabinet would be an ideal solution because it will offer a lot of extra storage for smaller items and make the bathroom less cluttered. Not to mention they look gorgeous, especially the cabinets with lights – glamorous! If you have a small bathroom why not take a look at my 5 storage hacks for a small bathroom post for some helpful tips and inspiration on keeping clutter to a minimum.


There are a few finishing touch accessories I’m really looking forward to adding to the bathroom. I will be purchasing a new shower curtain, bath mat, towels, soap dispenser and I’m considering whether to put a print on the wall or an alternative decoration on the blank wall. Another item I’m looking forward to purchasing and using is a wooden bath tray, I love how they look and they’re great for storing a few essentials too.

I would like to change the tiles and flooring, not that there’s anything wrong with them but I love the white tiles and black grout look. This isn’t something I would change at present because the property is rented but in the future, I would love to design a bathroom exactly how I would like it. In the meantime, this bathroom makeover will create a room I know I will love and which will create a homely and relaxing environment.

I would love to hear your bathroom decorating tips, decor ideas or bathroom storage tips.

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