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New Year, New Office!

With the new year just around the corner, resolutions are on my mind. Although I’m not planning to learn to knit or going on a diet (just yet!) I’ve been thinking that prioritising my work life and investing in my workspace could be a good thing to have sorted for January. I have been working as a blogger from home for a while and I think it would be great to have a designated space for me to work that’s not in the house. I already have a desk in the corner of my bedroom but it’s quite dark, especially now the clocks have gone back and it’s getting darker even earlier. It’s also not the most motivational area, I really need to add some colour to it and personalise it a bit more. If I had the opportunity I would love to create my own workspace from scratch.

I would love to be able to have an area outside of the house to work, I’m not keen on the fact that I work and relax in the same space because it makes it hard to switch off. I also end up doing jobs around the house when I should be working because I can see all of the things I need to do and It’s difficult to ignore them.

If money was no object I would love to invest in a garden office which would mean I could have a dedicated area outside of the house for work. I can imagine it now… lots of light streaming through the sliding doors which I could open on warm summer days, the sound of the birds as background noise and the lovely view of the garden – what’s not to like?! I can then finish work and leave it outside the home which is something I really want to be able to do.

I’ve always had a love of the outdoors and I think working out in nature would make me instantly more relaxed which in turn would mean I’d be more motivated and productive. Most garden offices I’ve been looking at have plenty of windows to let the natural light flood in which I find is such a mood lifter too. 

I’ve seen some great garden offices at the GBC Group which have bi-folding or sliding doors which would be an easy way to convert an office into a socialising space for summer soirees and cosy cold evenings. If the room was big enough I would definitely make it multi-purpose and have an office and leisure area – one can dream!

It’s a big investment but it’s one I really want to make come true in the future.

What does your home office look like? 

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