Newcastle (England): Much more than stag parties and football


Along with Amsterdam and Edinburgh, Newcastle is often regarded as one of the prime stag and hen party destinations. It’s also the home of a great football rivalry, with Newcastle United and nearby Sunderland football clubs battling it out each year for dominance. Away from the parties and football, however, there is an amazing choice of other interesting things to see and do in Newcastle.  

Newcastle Castle 

“It all started here.” One of the first places to visit is the Newcastle Castle – the gateway to discover history and experience how Kings used to live and villains imprisoned in the grim dungeons. This is the combination of North England’s two historic buildings — Castle Keep and Back Gate wherein the exhibits allow tourists to experience the change of the castles through the years. While there, make your way to the roof top with your camera to catch an amazing view of the River Tyne and the city’s scenic Quayside.  

Network of shops 

In Newcastle, shopping is as important as partying. The streets of the city are loaded with top line shops guaranteed to keep the biggest shopping enthusiasts occupied all through their stay in the city. Eldon Square, the Metro Centre and Gateshead are hot shopping spots for locals with over 150 brands to choose from! 

The Baltic Centre 

If you are an art lover, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts is one of the main attractions of the Newcastle city centre. It is located on the south bank of the River Tyne. This art gallery is without a permanent collection but houses a changing programme of exhibitions and events. Some of the things you can expect to see here include exhibitions by internationally renowned artists and smaller exhibitions from emerging local artists.  

Gateshead Millennium Bridge 

Gateshead Millennium Bridge is iconic for one major reason. It is the first tilting bridge in the world and is the only one till date. The two steel arches of the bridge turn into a huge arch when the bridge tilts, giving off the appearance of a huge eye.  If you would like to catch the tilt first hand, visit the bridge at 12:00 each day. It tilts at other times to allow ships to go through though. Book a room in the right hotel and you may even get a close up view of this amazing structure (truly stunning view!) 

Angel of the North 

Similar to Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro, the Angel of the North is a must see iconic sculpture. Created by Antony Gormley, the sculpture is seen by over 150,000 people each year.  It is the largest angel sculpture in the world at 20 meters high and a very good place to go if you are looking for stunning photo background. A bus leaves Eldon Square to the Angel of the North each day.  


Indeed, Newcastle is not just a place for stag parties and football. It is a perfect place to visit because of its rich history and creative art. 

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