Octopus for tea…

So I was looking for some fun foods to try with Maxx and came across these Octopus hot dogs. They look fun and since Maxx likes all the ingredients I thought I’d give them a go.

Make you own spaghetti octopus’s
  •  First cut your hot dogs into bite sized pieces.
  • Then break spaghetti into small pieces to make the legs. Push the spaghetti into the hot dog as far as possible without making it come out the other end.
  • Cook the spaghetti octopus’s in a pan of boiling water for as long as you would normally cook hot dogs. I cooked them for around 8 minutes checking them every few minutes.
  • Then add your choice of sauce.
I decided to cook some beans with the Octopus’s as Maxx likes beans and beans and sausages go well 🙂 You could try using some pasta sauce or adding some Philadelphia spread! Delicious.
As you can see they were a big hit and we will be having them again in the future perhaps with some pasta sauce! YUMMY FUN!

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