One pedal at a time…

When Maxx got his bike at Christmas 2012 we all thought he would hope on and away he’d go, how wrong we were.
Only recently has he been able to ride his bike and more importantly enjoy it and here’s why.
When he first got the bike his legs weren’t strong enough to make the pedals go round he would pedal half way then get annoyed and give up, this has been a pattern until recently. The bike was put in the corner of the room and only taken out occasionally, Maxx would get annoyed at not being able to do it and it would be put back in the corner again.
The next time it was brought out we had a small breakthrough he was able to pedal it and make the bike move although he could only pedal backwards. He would pedal half was around the bike would move then he would pedal backwards and start again.
Recently he has been going out on his bike more and more and getting much better at it and much more confident too. He can pedal forwards and is about getting the hang of pedalling and steering at the same time lol. We have had a few instances where he has steered into a hedge and where he stops pedalling and finds it hard to start again. He does still get annoyed when he can’t do things but is starting to ask for help instead of getting annoyed and falling out with everyone.
I can’t wait until he can ride his bike and I can take him out on a bike ride. Although that will mean I have to buy a bike lol but it’s something I have been thinking about recently anyway. Until then hopefully his cycling skills will go from strength to strength.

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    Helen McCarron
    February 6, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    Well done Maxx. Soon you’ll be pedalling away no problem!

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