With a family, a large open plan living space seems more and more appealing. All being in a similar area, but not cramping each other’s space or feeling squashed in is what a lot of people want when they look for their family homes. But if you haven’t quite got a home like that at the moment, and there are no plans to be moving out, then there are a few things that you can do. Here are some of my top suggestions for creating a feeling of open-plan living.


Use Your Colour Scheme

You can easily create a link between two rooms in the home by the colour scheme that you choose. By unifying the colour scheme between the rooms, it really makes it look as one and makes a difference to the feel of the home. You could go for timeless and soft white, or perhaps mix things up with some hues of grey. Choose furniture that is of a similar colour palette too. Then it creates plenty of cohesion in the rooms and around the home. Be sure to keep the colour scheme light and airy, though. This is an easy way to create the look of an open plan home. Otherwise, bold colours like reds and dark blues can make spaces look smaller than they actually are.


Use Large Windows and Plenty of Glass

When there are large windows in a home, and even large windows between rooms, it makes the space much brighter. As has been described, the lighter a room is, the larger it looks. It will also make the space more open plan. Because when you can see right out to the garden from where you’re sat in the living area, it makes the space seem as one. The way to do that is if you’ve got large folding doors, from somewhere like the Bi Fold Shop. Using plenty of glass in the home also means using things like mirrors. They help to make a home sparkle and will help to create a more open plan feel, as the room will be reflected in all of the other spaces close by to it. There should be at least one in every room to achieve this kind of effect.


Use Zones in the Room

If you already have quite an open plan living space, then you’ll want to make the most of it. One great way to do that is by creating different ‘zones’ within the space. Then you can make the most of the space that you have. You don’t have to just use the walls that you have. Furniture like chairs, tables, and sofas can be used to create ‘zones’ or ‘walls’ in the room. It can be a multi-purpose space, which is what you want when you’ve got growing children.

Use Storage

In an open plan living space, it can be quite hectic and busy. There can be a lot going on so as a result, a lot of mess can be created. So it is a good idea to use storage to your advantage. Use storage that can be closed or has some covered element. If lots of things are on display, then it can make the room seem messier than it really is.

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