Our 99p Summer with the 99P Store – #my99psummer


The 99p Store launched their My 99p Summer Challenge at the start of summer where family bloggers were given a £10 voucher to spend in store and asked to blogg about the items they bought. This is my post on the items we bought to have some summer fun with.

We all love the great British weather right? Where it’s sunny one minute and raining the next! With this in mind we set about buying our items from our local 99p Store which is in our town centre.

We decided to split our buys into two categories for maximum fun factor, after all we all like having FUN!

Outdoor Fun


Maxx loves being outdoor and playing games with other people, he’s not one for playing on his own so we got some toys we could all play together. We got a football which every little one needs, the great thing is there are so many different games you can play with a football you can have hours of fun and we did! Maxx has had a lot of fun kicking the football about and pretending to be a goalie like his uncle.

Whizz Ball
We also got a toy I had never seen before. Maxx picked it up and wouldn’t put it down, it’s called a Whizz Ball. It was quite funny watching us all trying to figure out how it worked but after we got the hang of it Maxx loved playing with it and watching the ball whizz up and down from person to person. It’s a very funny face paced game.

Fishing Fun
We also bought a fishing game for Maxx to play with in his paddling pool but it can also be used in the bath or you could even fill a bucket with water to play with it. Maxx loves catching the fish and loves other people having a go to see who can catch the fish the quickest whilst he makes waves in the bath.

Indoor Play/Rainy Day Fun


Creative Fun
The next thing we wanted was something creative, a little bit messy and something that would keep Maxx entertained indoors. There are a lot of crafty items available, the first thing we picked up was a wooden spoon puppet set but Maxx spotted a bucket with paints, crayons, sponges and pencils in it which is an amazing buy in my opinion. Maxx has had great fun painting, and colouring with this set over the last couple of weeks and it still has a lot of uses left.

Poster Pictures
Rather than just giving Maxx plain paper to paint and draw on we decided to buy some colouring posters. These are great as there are a lot of different pictures on the roll which means little ones won’t get bored as the pictures are not the same.

DVD Night
Maxx enjoys watching DVD’s every now and then so when I spotted a DVD section I knew it would be a good idea to get a dvd for a rainy day or family film night. Maxx picked up a cartoon DVD – Jimmy Neutron and loved it, you can’t go wrong for 99p.

Snacks & Juice
You can’t have a DVD night without drinks and some snacks so we grabbed an assorted 6 pack of hula hoops which we opened and put in a bowl for us to share we also got a bottle of coca cola as a treat for us all too. The treats made for a great family film night!

When we were in the crisp isle Maxx spotted the cake mixes and I thought getting a cake mix would be another great rainy day activity. We love baking and what’s better than some yummy Monster Inc cakes, after all what are the summer holidays without cake?!

Keeping Cool
We also bought some ice lolly moulds which have proved to be an amazing buy. You can make any flavour your heart desires and you can re-use them time and time again. We have been lucky enough to have a lot of warm sunny days this summer so the lolly moulds have seen a lot of use.


We have managed to have a LOT of fun with the items we bought and several of the items can be used time and time again, the football, the whizz ball, the fish game, the ice lolly moulds etc. They will be used next summer too and I’m sure will provide hours of fun again! Now that’s what I call a bargain and that’s why I really do love the 99p Store there’s such a huge range of products and for such low prices you really can’t go wrong.

If you are looking to keep your little ones entertained whether it be for a rainy day, summer holidays or just for fun I would highly recommend taking a trip to your local 99p store you won’t leave disappointed.

If you want to see what everyone has been buying for their 99p Summer head over to Twitter and follow @99PStoresUK and tweet using the hashtag #My99summer.

**I was sent a £10 voucher to spend at the 99p Store to participate in this challenge. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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