Our Crafty Christmas Tree

Everyone loves having their Christmas tree up, decorated beautifully it brightens up the room and brings Christmas magic into the home.
I have always loved having a Christmas tree in the living room that is until now! It’s not that I’ve turned into Scrooge or that I don’t like Christmas, I love it! So what is the problem? Well it’s more of a who… Meet the problem… Our cat Bean who as you can see thinks he’s a Christmas tree decoration.
It was funny for about an hour, then it became an issue. Baubles were sent flying, branches fell off and the cat nearly strangled himself on the lights. The Christmas tree looked a mess and to be honest I didn’t feel like spending an hour fixing it each time he climbed it so down came the lights and the baubles and they went into the cupboard and that’s how the tree stayed for the last week.
Yesterday I was trying to think of something fun Maxx and I could do, that’s when I had an idea. Maxx had made a lovely colourful paper chain with his mum and had also made a paper wreath and angel at his nursery so I thought we could make some more decorations for the tree and get it looking lovely again.
We got out the paints and lots of paper and set about making our Crafty Christmas Tree. It was a very messy but fun job, we painted Maxx’s hands and feet different colours and printed them onto paper. Maxx also painted a couple of pictures that we cut into circles to make baubles.
When the paintings were dry I cut out the hand and foot prints and a few circles from the pictures Maxx had painted and we set about turning them into decorations. I mistakenly thought we had ribbon in Maxx’s craft box sadly we didn’t, however I spotted some pipe cleaners and they worked a charm. I threaded them through the picture and twister the ends to secure it and voila! Christmas tree decorations.
I love the finished result. It’s really bright and cheerful and a great talking point. I love that it’s so personal to our family too and Maxx thinks it’s great that he made the tree look nice again.
As for the cat thankfully the novelty seems to have worn off and he’s not climbed the tree for the last couple of days.
Happy Christmas all x

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