Our Day Out At Weston-super-Mare

Maxx has been wanting to go to the Beach for months now and over winter kept asking if we could go. Explaining to him it was too cold wasn’t a good enough reason for him! So it was decided we would go to the beach for the day last week so off we went to Weston-super-Mare.
It took us around an hour and a half to get there in the car which wasn’t too bad and Maxx was good as gold in the car telling stories and playing eye spy.

It’s funny how you forget the smell and sound of the beach. The salty water smell hit us as soon as we got out of the car and the wind! That’s something I don’t miss about the beach. Thankfully you do get used to it quickly and by the time we were ready to leave you couldn’t smell the beach and it has warmed up a bit too.
Maxx really wanted to go on the donkeys, as did I! Unfortunately we couldn’t find the owner and thought we had best not hijack a donkey so we decided to go to the pier first and go on the donkeys on the way back.
The pier is really nice and well designed too. It has an enclosed walkway from the start to the main building at the end of the pier which means you don’t get soaking if it starts to rain. Inside there were restaurants, lots of amusement style machines and some fun fare ground type rides. There is a ghost train (a no no after last time), a fun house, a mirror maze, a helter skelter and lots of other fun rides. On the second floor there is also a go-kart track.
It is quite pricey at around £3 a ride on the fun house, mirror Maze etc. When we were there most of the rides were un-manned, you put your money into a machine then go through the revolving gate. I would have rathered an attendant be present just in case but I guess were in the age of technology
We had a walk around the beach and Maxx went rock climbing with his granddad, cue lots of fun and eek moments! We found a couple of crabs but sadly they were all dead, Maxx  wanted to hold one (very brave if you ask me).
After we left the beach we headed to Bristol to go to Pizza Express and have some dinner. The restaurant is lovely, the staff were great with Maxx and we all had a lovely meal. If your passing pop in it’s a lovely place with lovely food.
We all had a lovely day and can’t wait to go back to the beach, hopefully we can do a tour of some of the UK’s beaches. Preferably when it’s a bit warmer and we can go for a paddle.
After our fun day out we were all knackered, some more than others.

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  • Reply
    Fiona Martin
    June 1, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Wow the beach is huge- hope Maxx had fun on the sand.

  • Reply
    Victoria Androsova
    June 2, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    been there last month very good place for family outing

  • Reply
    Mickie Bull
    June 9, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Weston is a nice place 🙂

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