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Out With The Old And In With The New – 4 Household Items You Need To Replace

The adage goes that you should make-do and mend, and as we live in an increasingly throwaway society, it seems that it has never been more relevant. However, there are certain things that this does not apply to. Here are 4 things that we should not be considering just repairing or holding onto. 


We all have our favourite lipstick or mascara that is more like an old friend than a cosmetic; after all, what else can pick you up when you are feeling out of sorts? Can you remember when you bought it though? Makeup has a shelf life that is printed on the packaging that you discarded months, if not years, ago. Powders and eyeshadows can last for between 12 – 15 months from the date of opening, but liquids like mascara have a shelf life of 6 months. 70% of women use their mascara for too long, and that can lead to makeup induced bacterial infections that can do permanent damage. 


The pillows on your bed need some attention. You may be the queen of clean when it comes to laundering your bedding and pillowcases, and you may religiously hoover your mattress to remove the dust and mites that reside on it, but when was the last time you replaced your pillows? On average, you probably spend 8 hours of the day with your face rested on your pillow. That is 8 hours of sweating, drooling and breathing on an absorbable surface. You should certainly replace your pillows every year if you use them nightly, and every 2 – 3 years for spare bed pillows that have an infrequent use. 


When you own a car, it can feel like a merry go round of expense after expense, but you cannot afford to get this wrong. The average car needs new tyres every 20,000 to 25,000 miles and varies to how, where and when you drive, and while you may be able to get a puncture repaired, you need to think about how many miles you realistically have left in them. It’s not just the tyres you need to keep on top of either; you may be running a false economy by holding onto your old car if it requires regular maintenance. Take advantage of greater fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and the improved safety features of newer models and seek out an economical replacement at Lexus Edinburgh. 

Kitchen Sponge 

You may have the most sparkling dishes in the neighbourhood, and a kitchen that is clean to an industry standard, but one of the biggest germ magnets in the whole house can be your kitchen sponge. The kitchen sponge is the ideal place for germs to breed, and the micro-crevices that make it the most effective cleaning instrument also make a des-res for germs. Do you ever wipe the table with the same sponge that you use for the dishes? The same table that you put your handbag on, the handbag that you have put on the floor in a shop while you pay for goods? The transference of germs and bacteria from one item to another is how illnesses and nasties are spread. Get into the habit of using separate cloths, and leave them to soak in disinfectant overnight. Replace your sponge and cleaning cloths every three weeks as a minimum. 

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    September 23, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    I always forget to replace our pillows. I think I might have to change mine thinking about it. It’s always the little items you forget the most

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