Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen an explosion in the popularity of outdoor living spaces. Dozens of new companies are all piling into the market, trying to meet demand from consumers who want their outdoor spaces to be worthwhile. But because it’s such a new concept, many people are struggling with the “decor” – if it can be called that, of course.

If you want to expand your home into your backyard, take a look at some of these tips.

Add A Fire Source

You probably already have some sort of fire source inside your home, be it an electric faux-fireplace, or a real fire with a real chimney. The reason, of course, is to stay warm and cosy during the long winter months.

When it comes to outdoor spaces, having a fire  – or at least some source of heat – is even more essential, given that it’s too cold in most places to sit outside most of the year. Having a fire will draw people to your outdoor space, just as it does to indoor spaces, like your living room. There are plenty of different options, depending on your budget. If you’ve got a large budget, go for a full-sized outdoor fire option. If not, you can always opt for cheaper fire pits – just make sure that it’s okay to install one according to your local building code before you move ahead with a build.

Create A Focal Point


In most well-designed indoor rooms there’s some kind of focal point, be it a beautiful chair or an elegant table or a work of art. The same principle applies to outdoor spaces too. A well designed outdoor room will have a focal point that provides a purpose for the space. This can be a beautiful rattan garden furniture set, a fireplace or even part of the garden itself.

Shield The View From Your Neighbours


Another reason why people don’t use their outdoor rooms all that often is that they are worried about being overlooked. It’s hard to relax if you think you’re neighbours are watching your every move. It’s a good idea to investigate construction products that can be used to shield the view of your outdoor room from your neighbours. Things like temporary roofing and fencing can be a big benefit.

Connect Your Outdoor Space To The Indoors

Outdoor spaces that are most accessible from indoor rooms are those that are most likely to be used by your family. When you’re next designing a deck or a patio, put it in a spot that sees the most traffic or where people go most often, just to chill out.

Zone The Space


Zoning is important when it comes to maximising the use of your precious space, and it’s especially true for your outdoor rooms. Zoning enables you to use your outdoor room for multiple purposes, for instance as both a kitchen and an outdoor living room. Use things like outdoor rugs to break up the space into distinctive areas, separating dining areas from relaxing areas.

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