Overcoming Loneliness

Do you find yourself feeling lonely? Or do you know someone who feels lonely? Most of us will experience loneliness in some form during our life, it’s not a nice feeling and if it’s a feeling of prolonged loneliness it can have a negative impact on that persons life.

Stannah Stairlifts created an infographic which contains some quite shocking and sad statistics regarding loneliness. They found that two thirds of those over 65 experience feelings of loneliness, 1 in 10 females surveyed said that the feeling of loneliness is often or always the case. It’s incredibly sad that those living in a major city such as London feel the loneliest out of everyone surveyed. Along with the statistics Stannah have included five helpful tips to try and combat loneliness.

If you’re feeling lonely take a look at the tips below, they might help you combat the feeling of loneliness. If you know someone who might be feeling lonely there are simple ways you can help them feel less lonely, write them a letter, an e-mail, call them or even better visit them if possible. Even a short e-mail, call or visit can make a huge difference to someone’s outlook.

Combating Loneliness

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