Perk Up Your Summer – Week One

I was recently asked if I would like to get involved with the Perk Up Your Summer campaign being run by Perk!er, it sounded like a lot of fun so  I jumped at the chance. Pek!er have been sending me a mystery box each week filled with fun and delicious items.

Unfortunately Royal Mail had other ideas and I only received the boxes this week but that did mean two fab mystery boxes in one week! So it wasn’t all bad!

Today I will be sharing with you what was in my first mystery box. Okay technically it wasn’t a box, but that’s a small technicality. Inside the package was a wooden limbo set and lots of yummy Perk!er treats!

I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of Perk!er but just in case let me tell you a bit about them. Perk!er is a new company that creates delicious gluten and wheat free food. There is a great range of products available including; porridge, cereals, bread and a range of delicious snacks.


So back to the surprise ‘box’ and the super fun Limbo game that was inside. Limbo is a fantastic game and one that’s perfect for all ages, with the British weather being unpredictable it’s great that the set is small enough to be played indoors so the fun doesn’t have to stop if the weather turns.

Thankfully the weather has been amazing lately and I decided to take full advantage of this by setting up limbo in the garden along with the Perk!er treats to enjoy. My nephew Maxx and I had a lot of fun and lots of laughs playing with the limbo set. He thinks it’s the best thing ever and wants to play it all the time,  it’s a really fun game made even better with a couple of 5 minutes breaks in between games to enjoy our Perk!er treats!

I can see both Limbo and Perk!er making a regular appearance over the summer, with picnics, BBQ’s and days spent in the garden it’s going to provide hours of fun and help Perk Up My Summer!

The Perk!er treats I was sent are individually wrapped bars which are perfect for enjoying in the garden and great for picnics and lunchboxes. There are two flavours available, there’s the Tiffin bar which combines crunchy chocolate biscuit with honeycomb and raisins and covered in belgian milk chocolate and there’s the Rocky Road bar which is crunchy chocolate biscuit and soft marshmallow in a belgian milk chocolate then drizzled with white chocolate.

They are delicious! My favourite has to be the Tiffin bar where my sister and nephew both said they prefer the Rocky Road bar.


A big thank you to Perk!er for sending out the mystery box. If you would like to Perk Up Your Summer head over the the Perk!er Facebook and Twitter page to keep up with the latest news.

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