Perk Up Your Summer – Week Three






Last week box number three arrived from perk!er in their bid to help Perk Up My Summer! They have definitely succeeded and I have been loving receiving the mystery boxes each week.

Inside week three’s box was a whole host of camping related goodies! There was a 2 man tent, a camping mat, a sleeping bag, a torch, a blow up pillow, a gorgeous flask and some seriously delicious Perk!er porridge.

I can’t ever remember putting up a tent before and was expecting there to be a lot of poles, a lot of stress and a lot of shouting! I was actually really pleasantly surprised to find there were only two sets of poles, they were really easy to slot together and it took me around 5 minutes to put the tent together! Impressive right?

After the tent was set up I put the camping mat (is that the  correct terminology?) inside and then put the sleeping bag inside too, I forgot how fun camping was and of course my nephew Maxx was about bursting with excitement at the thought of sleeping in the tent overnight.

We haven’t camped out overnight yet as I’m a bit concerned about the alley way that runs at the back of the garden and the fact someone came into the garden not long ago and stole Maxx’s paddling pool so I’m not sure if we will spend the night in the tent but I would love to as Maxx is really excited about camping.

In the mean time we have been enjoying using the tent as a bit of a den and Maxx likes sitting inside when he’s out in the garden. It’s a great little place for him to enjoy and to use when it’s raining or too hot and he needs some shade.

Although he’s not so great at remembering to close the tent afterwards which I found out tonight when I came to bring things inside as it was due to rain, the tent was wide open. Luckily it hadn’t started raining yet so disaster averted. I can’t really comment as I have the memory of a sieve, it’s REALLY bad.

Along with the camping supplies I was sent 3 different flavours of Perk!er porridge, Golden Syrup, Fruity Berry and Apple, Cinnamon and Raisins. The porridge comes in small individual pots which contain one serving, perfect for taking camping or for breakfast on the go. Simply add hot water to the porridge, wait two minutes and you have a seriously delicious breakfast which will keep you going all morning.

I really like porridge and find it helps me stay fuller for longer so when I remember to have breakfast (terrible I know) I usually reach for porridge. The Perk!er pots have been thoroughly enjoyed and are so quick and easy to make I can see why they are a much loved product by many.

Next week I will be blogging about week four’s mystery box so remember to pop back to see what’s inside.


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