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Perk Up Your Summer – Week Two




Last week I told you about the mystery box I received from Perk!er as part of their Perk Up Your Summer Campaign, inside week ones box was a fun limbo set and some delicious Perk!er snack bars.

Today I’m talking about week two and what was in the mystery box. I have no idea what is in the mystery boxes until they arrive and I open them so it’s a lovely treat to receive the box and see what’s inside. Week two’s box contained a bottle of champagne, two cute glittery champagne glasses and two tubs of Perk!er snacks, Rock Road and Tiffin – Mmmmm.

The Perk!er snacks are great for picnics or for keeping in the cupboard for when you get peckish. The tubs contain bite size pieces of either Rocky Road or Tiffin. The great thing about the Perk!er snacks is they are gluten free which means they can be enjoyed by everyone, they tasted delicious and are great for sharing (if you’re feeling generous!).

I can’t remember the last time I had an alcoholic drink (it’s been a few years) so I was really looking forward to having a glass (or two) of champagne and spending a relaxing evening in the garden.

I decided to make the most of the lovely weather we have been having and decided to have a champagne picnic. I did some preparations the night before as I wanted to use the ice bucket so I filled around 20 ice bags (a tad excessive I know lol), almost 24 hours later and not all of the ice bags were frozen! Thankfully I did have enough ice to fill the bucket!

After filling up the ice bucket I laid out the picnic blanket (tartan – naturally!), got the radio out because what’s a picnic without some music and then opened the delicious tubs of Perk!er treats and had a good old natter with my sister Ashley.

We had a lovely evening, it was such a lovely way to relax and definitely perked up our Summer!

Check back again next week for week three’s mystery box!


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