Planning Tips To Build Your Dream Home


If you’re yearning for your very own dream home, there are probably several must haves that you have in mind, but read our tips below for the things to address before you order that antique bath! 


Finding the right builder for you and your project can be a lengthy process, but it is worth being selective about it. In addition to online reviews anwordrk of mouth recommendations, you’ll want to confirm their registration and insurance in order to validate you have in fact engaged a top home builder in Victoria. It’s also essential to discuss how they bill and when they will expect payments. Always have a signed building contract in place which you have carefully read through. 

If you’re building over a holiday period, clarify upfront any stop work periods. To prevent further delays, it’s also worthwhile discussing their approach to site management, will they have a project manager on site and what other things can be done if there are delays in materials or weather that prevent construction from occurring? 

Big ticket items 

If you’re set on building your dream home, you’ll have some big ideas that you want to bring to life. For this reason and if you have a tight budget especially, note down all your special additions from the outset and order them in priority from the must-haves down to the negotiable. From here, do some research online into average costs and get your design and building team to quote on their value. Building an average house can be costly, but adding in hydronic heating, solar pools or top of the range kitchen appliances can tip the price beyond affordable, so know in advance what you are willing to compromise on and what you’ll have to make room for in the budget.   


Owning your dream home is more than the actual building that you are commissioning. Living in a dream home is about the lifestyle that it affords you. Therefore, choose the location that you are building in carefully, from the proximity to facilities, to how you will best orientate your house to maximise natural surroundings. This in turn, will also inform the design of your build and some of its building materials and finishes.  

Architect/ draftsperson 

Whether you go with an architect or draftsperson to assist you with your plans and permits, select a professional that you are able to communicate with easily. If you have little idea of what you want, it can be good to look over their past portfolios to get a sense of their design style. On the other hand, if you already have a wish list, begin by writing an itemised list that you can describe in detail during a consultation. Saving images from Pinterest or other sites that best indicate your ideas can also be useful. As a professional custom home designer they should listen to your ideas and incorporate them into the plans or explain to you how they can be done better to suit your site.

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