Please come home Bean

On the 29th of April Bean went out as normal and that night he didn’t came back. He has never stayed out overnight before so I stayed up until 2.30 shouting on him and shaking his biscuits but he didn’t come home, in the end I had to go to bed but I expected him to be there in the morning.

Sadly when I got up he was still not back. We spent the day walking around the streets several times shouting on him but there was no sign of him.

We have posted posters through a LOT of doors asking people to keep an eye out and asking them to check their garages and sheds in case he has got stuck inside.

Bean is microchipped and I have used the website to let people know he is missing. The website sends out an alert to all vets who are registered within a 30-mile radius so if he was taken to the vets they would know he is missing.

I just hope we can find him and that perhaps he’s just off for a wander or that someone has taken him in thinking he’s a stray and he will come back when they let him out.

All I am certain of is we all miss him so much. Maxx was out in the garden yesterday shouting on him and it was heartbreaking, he shouted “Bean it’s me Maxx I love you”

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