Power Ranger Super Samurai – Switch Morphin Ranger Fire from Bandai

I’m sure you will have heard of Power Rangers. As a child I would sit through hours of Power Rangers thanks to my younger brother who loved it. Power Rangers has moved on and we are now on to Power Rangers Super Samurai. Maxx enjoys watching Power Rangers Super Samurai and loves seeing the baddies as he thinks they look funny.
Maxx was recently sent the Switch Morphin Ranger Fire Action Figure from Bandai. Maxx doesn’t have any Power Rangers toys so when he found out he was going to get a Power Rangers figure to review he was really excited and even more so when it arrived.
The figure is made from tough plastic which is necessary with Maxx! The painting is to a good standard and all of the markings are clear and well done. The figure has poseable arms but does not have poseable legs. I think for younger children this is a positive thing as Maxx has struggled with figures in the past that have poseable legs as he can’t get them to stand up where with his Power Rangers Samurai figure he can place him on the table and he will stand (most of the time) he is a bit unsteady if he is holding his sword.
Maxx’s imagination has really come to life since he has been playing with his Power Ranger figure. Together they have been fighting dinosaurs, exploring the jungle (the garden) and he’s even been to town. Something we all dread as I could just imagine the tears if he left him somewhere.
The Switch Morphin Ranger Fire is great fun for little ones letting them pretend to be their favourite Power Ranger. Maxx loves the fact that you can press a button on his back and the Power Rangers head changes from civilian to Super Samurai – Jayden. Maxx sits and spins the hear round and round until we’re all dizzy!
I have found the action figure to be hard wearing, it has been dropped and pulled around the garden on several occasions but is still holding up well. Great fun, Maxx has spent hours playing with it and going on adventures. Overall I am very impressed with it and think any Power Rangers fan would love it.
The Switch Morphin Ranger Fire is aimed at children aged 4+
You can view the full range of Power Ranger toys by visiting the Bandai Website.

*We were sent a Power Rangers Switch Morphin Ranger Fire for the purpose of this review. I always give an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    April 28, 2013 at 10:32 am

    my son loves power ranger. i once told him im the pink power ranger and he beleived me for ages

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