Reduce The Chances Of Getting Alzheimer’s Disease With This Advice

There are currently over 850,000 people with Alzheimer’s disease in the UK right now. Indeed, experts claim that around one in six people will suffer from that condition or another dementia-related illness during the last few years of their lives. Most folks have never seen the realities of Alzheimer’s because parents tend to end up getting locked away in specialist care units. Still, it’s a terrible illness, and one people wouldn’t wish on their worst enemies. With that in mind, some science-based tips on this page could help people to reduce their chances of contracting any dementia-type condition.

Stay active and consume a healthy diet

Most scientists and medical professionals agree that people who consume healthy meals and stay physically active will reduce their chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. So, it’s sensible to get into the required routine as soon as possible. Some patients have been diagnosed with the illness in their thirties and forties. So, there is no time to waste when it comes to making better lifestyle choices. People should:

  • Get a gym membership
  • Use the internet to find healthy recipes
  • Avoid junk food altogether
  • Limit any intake of alcohol
  • Refrain from taking recreational drugs

Maintain social connections and intellectual activities

Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain is lots of distressing ways. However, people who manage to keep their minds active could fight off the condition. At the very least, they could stop dementia from progressing quite as quickly as it otherwise would have done. So, everyone should aim to keep their minds as fit and healthy as possible. That could mean playing chess and other brain games, taking part in quizzes, or just having a decent conversation. Those who fail to keep their minds active will deteriorate much faster than those who do.


Deal with high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Some expert studies show that around 80% of people with Alzheimer’s in residential care also have cardiovascular disease. So, there is a clear link between high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and dementia. Anyone who goes to the doctor and gets a diagnosis for either of those conditions should try to rectify the problem. Medical professionals will offer medication and diet plans that can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It’s essential that anyone in that position takes the advice from the professional and puts it into action. That could reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer’s in later life by around 25% in some situations.

If people reading this post have no clue about the realities of Alzheimer’s and dementia, they should take an hour out of their busy days to visit a care home. For whatever reason, those illnesses are often hidden away from the general public. Anyone who does take a trip to a care unit will discover it is an eye-opening experience. Statistics show most people will encounter it at some point during their lives whether the individual or a loved one becomes ill. So, do everything possible to turn the tide and protect yourselves! Let’s start beating Alzheimer’s together by sharing valuable information of this nature. Good luck!

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