Older homes are wonderful. They are full of character and often much more spacious than their modern equivalent. Older houses are are a popular choice for first-time buyers and financially established buyers alike. But they are not without their problems. Older houses are more likely to need repair work and revamping. In the article below I focus on giving the bedroom space in an older home a new lease of life.


Before you do anything else, you will need a blank slate to work with. That is why it’s important to look for anything in the structure of the room that need repairing or replacing.

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Older homes are more prone to leaks which cause damp. Or subsidence which can cause cracks in the walls. Older rooms often have a bay window too, which are a particular problem area. To fix bay window cracks speak to a company the specialises in wall ties. This will stop the cracks extending and further and straighten up the look of the walls all ready for your makeover.

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The next thing to do will be to check the quality of the plaster work and get the wall reskimmed if needed. Many people chose to reskim their walls as it provides the flat modern quality surface for decoration that we are now used to in the modern day. They also often choose to get wide coving and sideboards put it to give the room a nice crisp finish.


Now the room is in a state of good repair it’s time to think about the more decorative elements that you would like to introduce. Of course, the starting point of any room should be the colour scheme that you are going work with.

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Older rooms, often have higher ceilings so are they are lighter. But they can still benefit from a careful colour choice to increase the sense of light in a room. Stark white walls are the best for reflecting light it can seem a bit cold and clinical for a bedroom.

Using a softer white with another colour such a French grey can work well as a stylish solution. Remember to keep your bedroom furniture to black white and grey though.

If you prefer a wood finish on your bedroom furniture a warmer wall color like red or yellow may be a more appropriate choice;.


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As older rooms often have a lot more character and original features than one in newly built homes. So they can often stand up to a bolder pattern. A modern twist on a pattern from a similar period to your home is always a good bet. Try a bright paisley or a bold damask for the walls or bed covers.

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If you are feeling particularly brave then clashing patterns is something you have have a go at. Just remember that they should all contain a variation on the same four colours to avoid looking too chaotic.

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