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A kitchen is a place that a lot of people dread. It’s a place where cooking usually takes place, but many of us fear even turning on the stove in favour of using the oven or even microwave to cook our meals. In fact, some busy folks don’t even use their kitchen appliances because they’d rather get takeaway meals or eat out on a regular basis. While it might seem like it’s saving time, it really isn’t and the only thing you’re wasting is money.

Cooking meals isn’t difficult. Learning how to cook is a fantastic skill that will pay off in every stage of your life, but sometimes you need a little extra boost of confidence or motivation in order to start cooking. For lots of people, a kitchen renovation is the key to spurring on their passion for cooking. However, that’s really expensive and takes a lot of time. Instead, here are a couple of simple kitchen upgrades that will convince you to get in the kitchen more.

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Replacing the countertops

Sometimes, it’s the decor in our kitchen that needs a quick replacement for us to feel like we’re in a new and unfamiliar place. With a bit of work, you could transform your kitchen in a couple of easy steps, and one of the biggest changes that will drastically change the look of your kitchen is to replace the tabletops. You’ll probably need a kitchen design service to help you with this, but if your appliances are largely unused then there’s little reason to replace them and you could aim to just change the countertops.

Sharp knives

If you haven’t sharpened or used your knives very often, then it’s possible they’re dull or haven’t been taken care of and, as a result, they’re almost useless. Refresh your cooking gear with a new set of knives and give yourself the motivation to learn some essential knife skills to chop and dice your ingredients.

Grill upgrades

Who doesn’t love an outdoor garden party? Though not strictly a kitchen upgrade, getting a replacement for your outdoor grill is a fantastic way to make the most of your garden this summer. The smell of barbequed meats and vegetables will waft through your neighbourhood and make everyone jealous. The great thing about grilling is that it’s hard to get wrong, and since it’s usually a party affair you can pick up tips and tricks from experienced chefs that attend your parties.

More storage space

Whether it’s extra tubs to store things like nuts and cereal or even a bread tin, little bits of storage can make a huge difference when cooking. This is because keeping things like sugar or spices inside their original packaging can often be annoying, so keeping them in sturdy transparent jars can make it a whole lot more enjoyable to cook with.

Digital scales and measuring utensils

If you’ve ever looked at cooking recipes, you’ll see that they usually ask for exact measurements. This is essential for cooking because you never want to over or under season something, and baking can be more like a science than an art. Get some digital scales to make measuring quantities easy, and ensure you have things like measuring jugs and spoons to make replicating a recipe easy.

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