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At the start of the year I made my resolutions as usual and one of those was to lead a healthier lifestyle, this includes eating better, drinking water and exercising regularly. Well it started out well but things started slowing down again recently and I was in need of a kick up the bum. Thankfully that came in the form of FTN Drinks.

I was recently asked if I would like to try some new drinks that help repair, renew and protect the body. Well I would be silly to say no so I said yes and was looking forward to trying them.

So here’s the scientific facts.

FTN has been proven to help the body repair quicker by supporting the natural renew process of adult stem cells, allowing them to proliferate quicker and protect them from free radicals.

The unique blend only found in FTN was created by a team of top researchers over six years ago. The drinks contain all natural ingredients and are completely stimulant free. A daily drink of FTN will help support your body’s cell renewal system. FTN drinks will help your body speed up recovery time, slow down ageing and maximise preventive effects against degenerative brain disease by promoting your body’s adult stem cell renewal process.

The drink comes in two flavours, Super Berry and Citrus. I was pleasantly surprised, both flavours taste really nice. My favourite was the Super Berry flavour, both flavours have a slightly bitter aftertaste but are really enjoyable and refreshing especially if you drink them straight from the fridge. The drinks come in a small shot sized bottle which means if you forget to drink it in the morning you can grab it and go, it will easily fit into your bag or pocket.

I can’t say for sure if the drinks had any effect, I didn’t feel like superwoman or anything but they tasted nice and the scientific research certainly gives a compelling reason to give them a go and I’m glad I did.  I do think the drinks helped me stay more alert and fought of tiredness which I usually experience mid afternoon.

If you would like to try FTN drinks for yourself you can purchase them directly from the FTN website, from Amazon and from specialist retailers Win Naturally.

You can find out more about FTN Drinks by visiting the FTN Facebook and Twitter page where you can also keep up to date with the latest FTN news.

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