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Retro Living Room Moodboard


Some of you will know I’m hoping to move soon, the house we are in at the moment isn’t great and I will also be moving on my own rather than sharing with my sister and nephew. I’m really excited about moving and a bit impatient but I’m determined to wait until the right place comes along, hopefully soon!

In the meantime I have been browsing items online that I want to buy when I move. I’m really looking forward to moving as I will be able to decorate and buy furniture to suit my taste. I have a few bookmark folders full of room designs and inspiration. At the moment I’m loving the Grey and Yellow trend which is taking the home decor world by storm, it’s elegant yet bright, fun yet fashionable, what more could you want?!

I have put together a Grey and Yellow retro themed moodboard (with a little blue thrown in) using some of the products I have bookmarked and love. My favourite item has to be the beautiful sofa, closely followed by the gorgeous yellow lamp.

One of the biggest decisions I’ll have to make is whether to choose carpet or laminate flooring. Ultimately I think for the living room I will choose laminate flooring, it’s easy to keep clean, looks amazing and is resilient. The flooring pictured above (bottom left) has an antique effect which I think is really elegant and ties the whole room together.

As well as flooring I have a lot of furniture to buy, I have to get – a sofa, a sideboard, a coffee table, a light, accessories and that’s just for the living room. I have to buy new items for my bedroom too, I really want to buy a new wooden bed and mattress plus also replace my old wardrobe and chest of drawers. As well as the above I have to buy items for the kitchen. I have already bought quite a lot of the smaller items such as a kettle, toaster, iron, pots & pans, plates and a few other smaller things that are easy to store. I’m waiting until I move to buy the larger items of furniture so I can get a feel for each room and to make sure the items will fit into the rooms.

What colour scheme do you have in your living room?

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