julydegustaboxIf you recognise the name Degustabox it might be because I reviewed the subscription box previously, or maybe you have a subscription yourself?

Subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular, there is now a fantastic range of subscription boxes to choose from, pet boxes, flower parcels, beauty products and of course food boxes such as Degustabox.

If you’re not familiar with Degustabox, it is a food subscription service where you pay a monthly fee of £12.99 (this includes delivery) and you receive a box full of surprise food and drink items straight to your door each month. The box will contain between 9 and 14 items, many of the items are new to the market which means you can try new products before everyone else too.

I love receiving my box each month and incorporating the different items into that months meals, it definitely encourages me to try different things. June’s Degustabox was bursting with a lot of different products but I will start with my favourite item from the box and something I couldn’t stop eating until they were all gone, oops! 

Love Chin Chin

Chin Chin is a famous West African sweet snack developed from a family recipe. I receive the cinnamon flavour and they were delicious, I did share them and everyone else enjoyed them too. I would recommend giving these a try – yum! 

Brioche Pasquier

 I received the Brioche chocolate 6 pack and the chocolate 4 pack in this months box. I have tried the Brioche products in the past and although  I have eaten them occassionally it isn’t something I am overly keen on. Although I haven’t enjoyed them as much this time around my nephew seems to really like them.

Melba Thins

I used to look at this type of product and refuse to even try it but when I did eventually give it  go I was surprised that I really enjoyed it and it’s something I eat regularly now. I really enjoyed the Melba thins, they are really thin and crispy and with some cheese and tomato make the perfect lunch.


I  hadn’t heard of Kallo before recieving this months box and was intrigued to give the products a try, I was sent a packet of rice cracker crisps and chocolate covered rice cakes. I’m not a lover of rice cakes so I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like them and unfortunately I was right. Although I didn’t like them my sister really like the chocolate covered rice cake bars so I gave them to her to enjoy.

Zeo Lighty Carbonated Soft Drinks

In this months box were two very nice looking bottles of Zeo lightly carbonated soft drinks, now I am a fan of fizzy drinks and was looking forward to trying these out. Zeo is made using 98% spring water blended with naturally extracted fruits and it tastes delicious. I really enjoyed both flavours and will be keeping my eyes peeled to see if I can pick up the other flavours. 

Vybe’s Coconut Water

Coconut water isn’t something I would normally buy as I’m not keen on coconut but I did try the Vybe’s coconut water and it was actually okay. The water is full of nutritional minerals and electrolytes so it can help hydrate you and helps maintain the body’s ph balance – pretty clever!

Coconom Organic Coconut Sugar

Coconom is a completely natural alternative to sugar made from 100% coconut tree blossom sap. I haven’t tried this yet but the next time I’m baking I am going to use it and make some cakes, again I’m not keen on coconut flavourings but if it’s in a cake it might be a different story!

If you would like to sign up to Degustabox then you’re in luck as I have been given a £3 off code for you to use. The code to use is: NJXGB it will take £3 off your first months subscription charge meaning you will pay just £9.99 for your first box. This is a great offer as it will let you try the service to see what you think, if you find you love the services then you simply pay per month and the box will be delivered to your door each month, if you find it isn’t for you then simply cancel your subscription. It really is easy and hassle free, not to mention delicious!

Do you like the sound of Degustabox?

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