A good sleeping pattern is something I have never had. As a teenager I was always a night owl and would stay up until around midnight, this has carried on into my adult life and until a couple of months ago I was going to bed as late as 2am. I knew this wasn’t a good habit and had tried to break it on numerous occasions only to go back to it a couple of weeks later.

Thankfully with the help of the fantastic Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500 I now have a much better sleeping pattern. I now go to bed between 10:30pm and 11pm most weekdays with weekends being slightly later at 12pm. Prior to receiving the Bodyclock I always found it difficult to fall asleep, I would spend half an hour to an hour on my phone browsing the internet until I felt tired. That is now a thing of the past thanks to the bodyclock which helps ease me off to sleep.

The Lumie Iris 500 is the first system to combine light and aromatherapy. At night I use the faded sunset mode which helps me naturally unwind before bed and the sunrise option helps wake me naturally in the morning. As well as the sleep mode a feature that I love is the ability to go to sleep with the bodyclock releasing a relaxing fragrance from one of two chambers inside, in the morning the second chamber releases an uplifting lemon scent which helps wake me feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. The Iris 500 not only looks good, it helps keep my sleep on track, boosting my mood, energy and productivity. I like the fact I can personalise a lot of the settings to suit my needs, such as whether to have a beeping alarm, how long to set the sunset and sunrise, whether to use the white noise feature etc, it is a very customisable product. 


After I had adapted my night time sleeping habits I had one more thing to tackle… mornings! I know I’m not the only person who finds it difficult to wake up in the morning. I’m most definitely not a morning person. Before the bodyclock arrived I would use my phone as an alarm and each time it went off it would jolt me awake abruptly leaving me feeling cranky. As I mentioned above the clock has a sunset and sunrise feature so I decided to put the sunrise feature to use on a weekend, I did this because I wasn’t sure if a light would be enough to wake me up so I thought I would test it on the weekend first. 

I set the alarm so the sunrise would take 15 minutes from start to end and I also set it so the lovely scent would be released. I have to admit I was shocked when I woke up to the light the next morning, a full 5 minutes before I would have woken with my normal alarm, there was no loud beeping either, just a lovely lemon scent and I woke up calmly and naturally.

There are a lot of fantastic features to choose from including, a nightlight feature, snooze feature, scent feature, there’s even a security option so the light will turn on whilst you are away. It also comes with a handy remote control which means you don’t have to get out of bed to adjust the settings. It really is a fantastic product which is worthy of the £160 price tag. It also comes with a 2 year warranty.

The bodyclock alarm has helped change more than just my sleeping pattern, I now feel well rested each day which means I get more work done, and I feel happy and relaxed waking up each morning. It has been a bumpy road and it was difficult changing the habit of a lifetime however I’m glad I did as I feel so much better for it. 


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    September 7, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    Looks amazing! I definitely have problems sleeping sometimes and this is aesthetically pleasing as well, so I imagine it would be amazing!

    • Reply
      Lindy Hamilton
      September 9, 2015 at 11:48 am

      It’s a lovely modern design isn’t it! It has definitely helped to change my sleeping pattern for the better and I would recommend trying it if you have trouble sleeping or waking in the morning.

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