Degustabox OctoberAnother month, means another Degustabox. Eeek, how are we already at the end of November, this year has just flown by. This month has been a great Degustabox month. There were plenty of sweet treats, practical meal products (which I love) and a lot of new products I hadn’t tried before. It was also good to see a couple of brands I really like included in this months box.

Chip Strips


Chip Strips are here to give a new dimension to our crisps! Chip Strips are exactly as they sound, long strips of crisps and they are delicious! Crisps are my downfall, I absolutely love crisps so these were right up my street. At £2 a pack they are a little more expensive than other brands but they are really nice, have a lot of flavour and I will definitely be buying them again.

President butter


I never know if butter or margarine is better for us, the advice seems to change all the time. Now I have decide that a little of the things we love are fine and this creamy butter by president is on my list of things to buy next time I go shopping. The butter is made in the heart of Normandy with the finest creams and cultured before churning for a fresh and tangy flavour.

Kabuto Noodles


This is a brand I hadn’t heard of before the box arrived on my doorstep and that’s what I love about Degustabox, it introduces me to new brands. Kabuto is a fresh tasting noodle dish with coconut, chicken, chilli and coriander. Made using only the best ingredients, with no additives or preservatives. So easy and quick too, simply add boiling water and voilà, a tasty meal in minutes.


Sweet Chilli rice crackers

Rice Crackers

There are three tasty flavours in the rice cracker range, including sweet chilli, lightly salted and Teriyaki. The crackers are baked not fried, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Each pack is priced at just £1 which I think is a bargain as there are a lot of crackers in each pack. I’m not normally a huge fan of rice crackers but I can honestly say these are delicious! They have a lot of flavour and a great crunch when you bite into them. Plus I almost always love sweet chilli products!

Apricot snacks

Freeze Dried Fruit

Another product from the Snack  Organisation is their range of Freeze Dried Fruit. The range includes strawberry, Apricot, Apple and Pineapple. Freeze drying preserves the fruit nutrition and flavours, without the use of any unhealthy oils or high temperatures. Each packet counts as one of your 5 a day and what’s more there are plenty of ways to enjoy them, eat them out of the packet, sprinkle them over yoghurt or add them to your cereal.

Naked Marshmallows


I’m not normally a huge fan of marshmallows but these were really nice! Salted Caramel is a much loved flavour for many things and why not marshmallows! Naked have created delicious salted caramel marshmallows which are hand made in small batches using only the finest, natural ingredients – that’s why they’re Naked! Enjoy these in all their natural glory, toast them or add to a yummy hot chocolate!

Liberation cashew and peanuts


Liberation Foods is owned by a small-scale nut farmer co-ops in Africa, India and Latin America. Their mission as a Fair Trade nut company is to change the world nut by nut. They aim to do this by bringing nut producers and consumers together. The Liberation range includes Fairtrade oven baked Salted Cashews & Peanuts, Chilli & Lime Cashews with Peanuts and Roasted Corn and Oven Baked Mixed Peppercorn Peanuts with  Cashew and Habas Fritas.


I admit it, sometimes I’m a lazy cook and want things that I can just throw in a pot and come back to later. I have tried Cirio through Degustabox before and have enjoyed all of the products I have tried. This month I received two Ciro products, a tin of chopped tomatoes which I used in a chilli. The tomatoes looked good and the end product tasted great! The second product was LaCclassica Passata. This is a must have in my cupboards as I love pasta dishes and having the passata ready to go makes my life easier. I like the fact it’s in a bottle rather than a carton which makes storing it easier and cleaner.

9BAR snack bars


9BAR is this months Degustabox product of the month! 9Bar Original Carob Hit is a delicious, natural source of good energy – something we all need, right!? Each 9Bar is packed with nutritious sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds with a smooth carob topping. The bars are a great addition to a balanced diet and great for that mid afternoon slump as I have found!

Geeta's products


This month I received two products form the Geeta range. Korma Curry Paste and Lime & Chilli Chutney. The first product I tried was the curry paste, the sachet serves two people and tastes delicious! I love Geeta’s products, they really do give an authentic Indian flavour. I also like the fact the Curry Paste has a handy shopping list on the packet so you don’t have to hunt for a recipe. The Chutney is also a really nice product and perfect with poppadoms.

Coconut-lime juice


Since 1895 Lorina has been hand crafted in France. Lorina uses 100% natural ingredients and is free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  If you like coconut and lime you’re sure to enjoy this tasty treat, especially served cold over ice or as a mixer.

If you would like to give Degustabox a try head over to the Degustabox website, when you get to the checkout enter the code: KWAUD to get £3 off your first box. This will bring the cost of your first box down to just £9.99. If you try it and love it you can carry on with the subscription, if you decide it’s not for you there’s no obligation to stay, simply cancel your subscription and you’ll no longer receive the boxes.

Have you tried any products that were in this months box?

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