Every year new games are released, and occasionally there’s a game that become a huge hit. First, there was Pie Face, and now, there’s Wet Head – a fun water roulette game.

Wet Head is an exciting, fun and very wet game that’s so simple any age can play.

Inside the box is a hat with Velcro strap, a water reservoir with lid, 8 pegs and a spinner for game play. The only assembly required is connecting the water reservoir to the hat and putting all of the pegs into place. This takes mere seconds which means children don’t have to wait half an hour until it’s assembled.

I love the simplicity of the game. Open up the water reservoir on top of the hat, fill it with cold water, ensure all pegs are in place and you’re ready to play. Take it in turns to wear the hat (youngest usually goes first), each player spins the spinner to find out how many pegs they have to remove on their turn and see if they get wet! If the first player doesn’t get wet then the hat is passed to the next player until someone gets wet, then game play starts again. Playing with the spinner means games are quick which is perfect for playing with younger children. Everyone gets a turn quickly and nobody has time to get bored.


If you’re playing with older children you can make the game a little more difficult by adding some questions. You can download the dedicated Wet Head app which has a digital spinner and also trivia questions, you can even choose to record your game. You are given a set amount of time to correctly answer the question, get it right and you can pass the Wet Head Hat and breathe a sigh of relief, get it wrong and you could be in trouble, it’s time to pull a pin and test your luck. Continue playing until one player gets wet!





You would be surprised at how wet you will get from one hat full of water. If you don’t want to get too wet or it’s not the warmest of days, I would recommend only filling the reservoir half way.

If you want to take Wet Head to the beach, or park fill an empty 2 litre drinks bottle with water. This will give you enough water for around 8-10 games of Wet Head.

If you’re playing with young children, why not simply take it in turns to pull out a pin each rather than using the spinner.

Wet Head Review

Maxx and I loved the game and played several times. Apparently we had to play until I got wet, that’s only fair, right?! I would definitely recommend it as a fun game for little ones who enjoy getting wet. A great game to bring out at family gatherings!

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    Kim Carberry
    November 4, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    Aha! I have seen this about the internet and I actually nearly added it to my Amazon basket this afternoon….It’s on my saved list. It looks like so much fun.

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