Looking for a present for children can be hard, especially if you don’t have children yourself. Trying to find something age appropriate and that they will like can be a hard task, even for parents. Thankfully, Wicked Uncle can help take the hassle out of finding the perfect gift with their online toy shop.

One of the first things that struck me about the website is how easy it is to navigate. Whether you’re an internet pro or newbie it’s easy to find the perfect product with Wicked Uncle’s helpful categories. You can sort toys by age, gender, popularity and categories including, outdoorsy, brainiac, creativity, books & games etc. I find this very useful and time-saving as I can easily find a specific group of items.

The second thing that I was really impressed by was the fantastic customer service I received. One of the items I wanted was out of stock so I contacted Wicked Uncle to inquire about the item and received a very quick reply. Unfortunately, the item I wanted wasn’t due to come back into stock soon, but the member of staff very helpfully suggested an alternative item which I went ahead and ordered. I was also highly impressed with the speed of delivery, I ordered on Friday and the items arrived on Saturday.

Another great thing about Wicked Uncle is the ability to have the item/s gift wrapped, there’s also the option of adding a card to the order, for a small extra charge. I think this is a great idea as you can then have the items delivered straight to the recipient. I felt like Wicked Uncle helps turn something that could be a tough task into an enjoyable experience.

So what did I order? Maxx loves spending time outside, and would much rather be running about outdoors than playing inside. For this reason, I decided to look for toys that can be enjoyed outside, and that we can take with us when we head to the park, beach or for a day out. I used the handy outdoorsy and age categories when looking for items that I thought Maxx would like and it brought up a great selection of items. You can find out more about each item I ordered below.



When I first spotted this little toy the colours caught my eye and the fact it said it can fly up to 25m by flapping its wings. I was intrigued, and I knew it would be something Maxx would love to watch flying at the park. I have to admit to having reservations about this toy. I have seen toys in the past that promise to do something and the reality is somewhat different. When we took the bird to the park we were all looking forward to seeing it fly, after a few failed attempts (my fault for not reading the instructions), the little bird took flight, flapping its wings and flew spectacularly through the air doing loop the loops along the way. It was really impressive and much better than any of us anticipated. It is a little fragile so it’s important to be gentle when holding the wings, and whilst cranking the handle and not to over tighten it. Since it arrived we have played with it several times and I’m sure during the Summer holidays it will be making many more appearances. It’s definitely a great buy and we would highly recommend it.



This clever little kite needs no assembly and has no poles which mean you can fold it up small enough to fit into your pocket. It also comes with a handy drawstring bag. The kite is colourful and has a long tail which makes it look amazing when it’s flying. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry thanks to the size and drawstring bag. It’s ready to fly straight from the bag with no assemble and looks fantastic when it’s in the air. It’s great fun for little ones, although we had to get it in the air and then give it to Maxx to play with. It’s the perfect little item to take to the park, beach and on holiday.



Admittedly this was smaller than I was expecting, but that’s my fault for not looking at the sizes. The bounce on the Moon Ball is really good. It’s a great little ball and perfect for a trip to the park. It needs a hard surface to bounce and because it can bounce off in an unexpected direction it’s important not to play with it near anything that can be easily damaged, such as cars and windows. We played with the Moon Ball trying to bounce it to each other which saw the ball and us all running off in different directions chasing it. It’s a lot of fun as you never know which direction it will bounce off in. The Moon Ball is available in different colours which are perfect if you’re buying for more than one child.



Maxx got a scooter for Christmas and loves going out and about on it so this was an easy choice. It can be fixed to any bike or scooter thanks to the clever winged design. The Mini Hornit is built to last, colourful, waterproof and a whole lot of fun. The Hornit is loaded with 25 exciting sounds including, a dixie horn, police car, UFO, magic spell, horse, motorbike, lion’s roar and even a traditional bike bell. The Hornit has 3 volume levels which lets you adjust it for noisy and quiet areas when necessary. It also has a light on the front which you can set to bright white, or green, the light can also be set to constant or flashing for maximum fun. It comes with a very handy remote trigger which lets children sound the horn without taking their hands off the handlebars. The Mini Hornit is priced at £19.95 which I think is a great price for an item which encourages children to head outside, it’s entertaining for little ones and also offers a safety element.

Overall I have been highly impressed with Wicked Uncle, from browsing the website to customer service and fun factor it receives a huge 10/10 from us. Since I found out about Wicked Uncle I have recommended it to several friends and family members, it’s definitely somewhere I will be ordering from again for birthdays and Christmases.

*We received a £40 voucher to spend on Wicked Uncle to review their service. All thoughts and opinions about the service are my own.

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