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Fellowes recently conducted a survey that showed better air quality could offer sleep relief for children with allergies. Incredibly the UK has one of the highest levels of allergy diagnoses worldwide and the number of adults and children suffering with allergies is increasing each year. 43 percent of the population are allergic to at least one indoor airborne allergen. Having a young nephew with allergies I found the results of the survey really interesting.

When the opportunity arose to try out an air purifier from Fellowes I was looking forward to seeing how well it worked and if it would ease Maxx’s symptoms. I wasn’t sure what to expect when the purifier arrived but it has certainly set a high benchmark for any future purifiers. It has a fantastic range of features and is incredible easy to use, just switch it on and let it get to work, it will automatically clean the air in the designated room 24 hours a day.

Key Features include:

  • Energy star certified
  • Certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
  • Purifies rooms up to 18m²
  • Creates an ionized field to help safely remove airborne pollutants
  • The ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) seal of quality awarded to allergy friendly products and services
  • The Allergy UK Seal of Approval indicates the AeraMax has been scientifically proven to reduce exposure to pollen, mould, house dust mite, smoke, cat and dog allergens.
  • Filter Change Indicators let you know when it is time to replace your Carbon and True HEPA filters
  • Aera+™ Mode is designed for peak allergy conditions and increases air flow by 50%* to remove allergens from the air
  • AeraSafe™ Antimicrobial Treatment – built-in protection from the growth of odour causing bacteria, mildew and fungi on True HEPA filter
  • Netmums recommended


The AeraSmart sensor in the machine monitors the air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speed to keep air purified. The user friendly touch screen display will also indicate the quality of the air by showing a blue, amber or red light.

The AeraMax range uses a four-stage purification system that filters airborne pollution, this helps reduce the risk of allergy and illness in the family home which is fantastic. All of the machines in the AeraMax range feature a True HEPA filter which captures an incredible 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.33 microns, including pollen and other allergens, dust mites, mould spores pet dander and cigarette smoke.purifier2

I expected the purifier to be quite noisy but was pleasantly surprised that after the first couple of minutes I didn’t even notice it was in the room. At night the purifier is moved into my nephews room and he is able to sleep with it working throughout the night. There is the choice of having the machine working automatically or setting it manually. On the highest setting it does cause a draft and is a little noisy so we usually set it manually in the evenings to keep it on the lowest setting during the night to minimise noise.

Thanks to the compact size and elegant style of the purifier it fits well into any room and with the built in handle it is easy to move from room to room.

Overall I am highly impressed with the AeraMax Purifier as is Maxx’s mum, it is well made, scientifically backed and although it is a big investment at £209 if it helps reduce symptoms of allergies that is priceless! Maxx’s mum and I have both noticed a difference in the air quality when the purifier is being used, the air is cleaner and smells fresher too.

The AeraMax range of purifiers are available to buy from Amazon and other good stockists, the model featured in the post is priced around £209. Fellowes are so confident in their purifiers they all include a 3 year warranty.

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