We all need a little getaway sometimes to get us back to our best selves. Why not surprise your partner by taking them on a romantic trip to one of the most beautiful locations in the British Isles? Here are a few places to awaken your lust for a romantic holiday with your special someone.

Edinburgh – The Fringes of Cultural History

For lovers, and lovers of culture, Edinburgh has something for everyone. It’s steeped in history, and the streets abound with romantic neo-Gothic architecture, as well as teaming with cultural goings-on. The city has a rich and diverse theatre and literary culture that you’ll see in full swing at the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe in the summer.

It’s also home to lots of award-winning hotels, right in the beating heart of Scotland’s capital – find them at Classic British Hotels. For history buffs, there’s loads to see, including National Museums and Edinburgh Castle with the backdrop of extinct volcano, Arthur’s Seat.

Yorkshire – God’s Own County

This proud county is well deserving of its above title, it being one of the most stunning areas of natural beauty in the UK. Spanning land and sea, there are so many destinations that make perfect romantic escapes. The North Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire Dales make the perfect counterpart to the urban metropolises in its centre. Check out Whitby for a taste of Bram Stoker’s literary legend, Dracula.

See rolling hills and Arcadian landscapes as well as exploring historic market towns like York and spa town Harrogate, each with their own fascinating Roman and Viking heritage. Get out into the wilderness and sample some famous Yorkshire delicacies at some great dining spot

Lake District – The Home of Romance

The most romantic destination of all. Sink into crisp white sheets at the end of a day spent taking in the beautiful scenery of the world famous Lakes. Do as the Romantic lake poets of yesteryear, and spend hours entranced by the sublime natural beauty of this unique setting.

If you’re a couple that likes the outdoors and the peace and quiet, the Lakes provide the ultimate in calm and laid back atmosphere. Sail on Derwentwater, visit Wray Castle, and revel in stunning views before taking a well-earned sojourn in a luxurious nearby hotel.

Take a break from your busy schedule to rekindle those magic moments that brought you and your loved one together. Get ready to create more memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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