If you are planning a holiday this year then you may be trying to work out ways of saving yourself a little bit extra to enjoy the finer things in life.  We have some cool ideas to help you put by a little more cash and get you that trip you have been looking forward to

Save a little bit extra without noticing and check your bank account online every few days and transfer the pence amount into your savings each time. So if you have £72.79, transfer the 79p. You won’t notice the difference, but it will build up over time and you’ll have a bit of extra spending money for your getaway.

Pay in cash to help keep track of your spending.  Stop paying with your debit card. If you take cash out daily, you will be far more aware of how much you are spending. Plus, all the spare change will add up in your money saving jar and could buy you an extra meal on your next holiday destination.

Use an app to keep track this gives you an easy way to keep on top of what you’re saving, download the free version of the Savings Goal app. Add your goals and how much you’ve recently saved to the app and it will give your total savings, and how much further you have to go to reach your target.

Sell some of your unwanted items, such as your old mobile phones or tablets, we all have them and that could be cash sitting in a draw. Check out sites like mytrendyphone.co.uk to see if you could have a few extra pennies! Also Declutter your home and collect any clothes, gadgets, phones, or even small things like Christmas decorations that you no longer want, and sell them online on a second hand website. Even with the fees you have to pay, you can still make some extra cash towards your trip.

Cook all your meals yourself and limit meals out, stop getting takeaways and start cooking at home. Head to Tesco Real Food for thousands of inspiring ideas.

Buy birthday presents that are holiday-friendly. If you have family birthdays between now and your week away, buy presents that they need for the holiday. This way you won’t need to stock up on swimming costumes, travel toiletries and beach balls nearer the time.

Cut down on monthly outgoings

Give up expensive memberships, such as the gym. You can exercise at home for free or make walking a regular part of your day. Being more active will also mean you won’t need to have the heating on so much, saving you money on utility bills at the same time.

You could also do some extra work for friends or family, perhaps mowing the lawn or babysitting, perhaps you have a skill they could use like writing or accountancy. Have a think and see if you could earn a little extra cash helping out your nearest and dearest.

There are loads of ways you can save for your holiday and have a little extra cash in your budget, maybe so you can splash out on something really special this time!

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