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Are you looking to replace your summer wardrobe? Do you want to save money whilst still buying the items you love from your favourite shops? Keep reading and I will tell you how you can buy your summer wardrobe and save money at the same time!

My summer wardrobe is looking a little bare this year. I have put off buying new clothes until I have lost more weight (Check out my Slimming World journey) but I think I’m going to have to admit defeat and buy a few essential items because I’m off to Disneyland Paris at the end of May and I have nothing to wear. I plan on buying a few items to see me through the next couple of months then when I have reached my target weight I can look at replacing more items.

My favourite shops when it comes to clothes are few and far between but ASOS, River Island and Topshop would be my three top choices. The only downside to these stores is the fact the clothes can be pricey, especially if it’s items that are new to the store. Thankfully, I know I will be able to save money on my purchases thanks to Zeek.

So, how does it work? Zeek is an online gift voucher marketplace where you can buy and sell gift vouchers. But here’s the great thing! The gift cards for sale on Zeek are offered at a discounted rate. The discount is at the discretion of the seller but on average varies between 5% and 20%.

The website is easy to navigate with a search bar located at the top of the website for easy searching. Simply type in the store you would like to buy a voucher for and Zeek will display all available gift cards. You can easily see which gift card is offering the biggest discount if you find a bargain be quick and snap it up before someone else does. Zeek also has a handy android and apple app which means you can search for vouchers even when you’re away from the computer. If you’re looking to place a large order it’s worth noting that you can usually get a higher discount on larger vouchers.

From a sellers perspective being able to sell unwanted gift vouchers quickly and securely is great. Unlike with eBay where there can be the occasional issue with buying and selling, Zeek takes the hassle out of selling by making the process quick and hassle free. Simply search for the store you have a voucher for, decide how much you want to sell it for and once someone has bought it Zeek will transfer the money directly to your bank or PayPal account. It couldn’t be easier. Don’t have a Zeek account? No problem. You can create an account using your email address, Facebook, Twitter or Google account, it takes less than 2 minutes before you’re ready to start buying and selling. keep reading to find out how you can get £5 to spend on Zeek – FREE!

Personally, I love Zeek. If I know I’m going to be spending a certain amount in a store then I will first look on the Zeek website to see if there are any gift cards for sale for that store. If it’s a popular store such as River Island, New Look etc there are usually vouchers available and if not there’s the option of buying One4All vouchers which can be spent in lots of stores. I then look to see which voucher has the biggest discount on it in the price bracket that I need and buy it. This means I’m saving money on the items I would be buying anyway just by getting a gift voucher to pay for them using Zeek.

If you’re looking to give Zeek a try to buy or sell vouchers but you don’t have an account yet why not sign up now. It takes a couple of minutes and by signing up using my Zeek promo code you will receive £5 off your first order! Simply enter the promo code: 227RSP when you register through the website or mobile app and you will receive your free £5 to spend.

So what are you waiting for? Which voucher will you be buying first?

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