Now, photography is a great hobby, for all of the family, and it’s easier to do than it ever has been as we all take a camera around with us in our pocket every day! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we love all of the photos that we take. In fact, some of them can be downright disappointing, especially if they are selfies that don’t exactly show your best side. That is why you might need the advice below to help you love the all photos that you are in.


Now the difference between those hip young things that look great in their selfies on Instagram all of the time, and the rest of us isn’t necessarily that they look so different. But they definitely do know their angles.

But what do we mean by this? Well, it means that you know where to take the best photograph from, where to look, and how to pose. OK so it might sound a little vain, or like you are a film star on the red carpet, but trust me it actually works! Why do you think celebs look so good in their pics all of the time?

You can find out some more about your photography angles here. But just to get you started, the next time you take a self-hold the camera above your face and angle it down for an instant improvement!


Of course, the best photos are the one in which we are smiling. But if we have problems with our teeth such as cavities, or stains it can cause us to be reluctant to smile and affect how our photos look.

That is why it’s worth investing in some kit like an electric toothbrush and an air flosser to use at home. This along with regular trips to the dentist will ensure that your gnashers stay in tip top condition, and you’ll be beaming brightly in every picture that is taken of you.


Now, if you have ever watched the Kardashian’s, you will know that lighting has a huge role to play in how good your pictures and videos turn out. Get the lighting right, and you can seem younger, slimmer, more chiselled and generally you absolute best self.

An easy way of doing this is to just step outside to take your photos. But if you want to take a lot of indoor shots you can by specialist lighting rigs to ensure you take the perfect pic.


Last but not least, we have filters to help us if all of our other photography improvements have failed. Filters are available on your phone, as well in specific apps and software.

With them, you can transform your photos lighting values, make it black and white, and even give it an aged look. Which can help to improve the overall feel of things. Or just distract viewers from the bits that you aren’t so happy, with like a double chin, that spot you can’t get rid of, or a bad hair day.

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