Say Hello to Rua! Part Dog, Part Human, Zero Cat!


When you get a pet you expect some mess and that you might lose an item or two to your new pets chewing or clawing but I was shocked to learn pets cost us a staggering 1.2 billion a year in household damage!

The online blinds retailer Directblinds recently conducted some research which showed that dogs are the worst culprits and make up 52% of claims followed closely by cats at 40%, then rabbits and other small animals who make up 5% of claims. The research also revealed that the top 5 items most commonly damaged by pets were, sofas or chairs, carpets, blinds or curtains, doors and tables.

I love animals and have done for as long as I can remember. Growing up we had dogs, cats, a rabbit, hamsters and rats, pets have always been a big part of my life and I couldn’t imagine not having a furry member of the family.

We have had our share of naughty pets, there was Boomer our Neopolitan Mastiff cross White German Shepherd who would sneak on to the sofa the moment we left the house, Skye the White German Shepherd who would slobber, chew and pull breeze blocks around the back garden then come in covered in mud and slobber! The cats are just as bad, Tinker was semi feral and would claw you to death if you tried to brush her so we had to wrap her in a towel and Lacey would sit next to you when you were eating dinner and try to paw things off your plate whether you were or weren’t looking and she got stuck up a tree and had to be rescued on more than one occasion!

There’s a bit of a running family joke that we always managed to pick the barmy pets but to be honest we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our pets are all members of the family who are loved and cared for and I feel blessed to have spent many happy years (past and present) with my pets.

The newest edition however is by far the naughtiest! Let me introduce you to Rua, she was a year old in May and is as cheeky as they come. Her naughtiest tricks include, but are not limited to;

  • Stealing hair bobbles and hiding them under the fridge and washing machine. There were 10 under the washing machine and 8 under the fridge! She plays fetch with them, if you ping the hair band she chases it and usually brings it back for you to do it again.
  • Stealing again! This time from other peoples gardens or homes (hopefully not the latter!), we have no idea exactly where things are coming from but she has brought home two kitchen sponges (on separate occasions), a rubber glove, a cleaning cloth and a teddy with no eyes – which was almost as big as her! She has to jump over the back fence to get into the garden so I have no idea how she manages to carry the items into the garden but she does and always seems rather pleased with herself too.
  • She ninja kicks things, I kid you not! I picked her up to bring her in for the night the other day and she clearly wasn’t happy about it as she ninja kicked my iphone out of my hand and cracked the screen! #inthecathouse
  • Leaving muddy footprints all over the bath, sink and toilet! She can open the bathroom door herself so there’s really no stopping her ha ha.
  • Climbing up the door frames. I have no idea why she does this but I think she think’s it’s a game as she runs as fast as she can then just scrambles as far up the door frame as she can.
  • Chewing cables! This one is rather concerning as she chewed through a charging cable which was plugged in and on at the time!
  • This is something she does quite a lot and I’m completely convinced that she thinks it’s funny. If something is on the arm of the sofa or the table she will sit next to it and knock it onto the floor.
  • She growls, yes like a dog! I’m pretty sure that she thinks she’s part dog and part human, zero cat! ha ha
  • Oh and most annoyingly! She pulled the pom pom off of my favourite scarf 🙁 #badcat

A few of the naughties I mentioned above are part of her character and I wouldn’t try to change them but a couple of the things she does are naughty/dangerous and we have tried to curb these and stop her doing it.

Jumping up the door frames for example, although it’s funny because she looks like a deranged squirrel scrambling up a tree it does ruin the paint work so we have been telling her NO when she does it and the amount she does it has no drastically fallen.

Chewing cables is a real concern, especially since she seems to like chewing the ones which are plugged in and turned on! We have been trying to stop this by making sure we charge phones in the kitchen on the units where she can’t get to and we also bought her a teething toy as we thought it was maybe her teeth bothering her. She does still sometimes try to do this to the TV cables but when we say no she does listen and stop what she’s doing, for at least 5 seconds!

I would rather she didn’t go into other peoples gardens or homes and steal things but there’s no way to know where the items are coming from as she hops in and out of peoples gardens. She has a bucket full of toys so it’s not that she has nothing to play with!

If you have a naughty pet then you should get involved with the fantastic competition directlinds.co.uk are running where you could win a £500 voucher and a new blind! They are looking for the UK’s naughtiest pet! You can see some of the entries they have already received here.

It’s easy to enter, simply e-mail a photo of your naughty pet to naughtypets@directblinds.co.uk or share your photo on Twitter (@DirectBlinds) and Facebook  using the hashtag #naughtypets.  The competition closes on the 30th of June so make sure you get those entries in, your pet might just be able to redeem themselves! You can find more details about the competition here.

I’ll leave you with a cute video I found of Rua when she was a kitten! Awww, wasn’t she cute 🙂


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