If you suffer with arthritis or know someone who does, you will know what effect it can have on day to day living. It can make life extremely difficult, and some tasks almost impossible. Incredibly, there’s estimated to be 10 million people in the UK who suffer with arthritis to varying degrees.

To support World Arthritis Day (October 12th), Premier Bathrooms wanted to raise awareness of Arthritis and the effect it can have on people’s lives with their Seconds Matter campaign.

To try and demonstrate the effect arthritis can have on everyday life, Premier Bathrooms challenged twins John and Nick to go about their normal daily routine, but with one difference. Nick was given a specialist arthritis simulation suit to wear which would mimic many of the symptoms people with arthritis have to combat every day. The aim of the challenge is to see what effect wearing the suit has to Nick’s day compared to John’s.

The challenge shows that things are extremely difficult for Nick, and as things are more difficult, they also take longer. Although brushing his hair might only take a few seconds longer, and getting down the stairs might only take 50 seconds extra, those seconds turn into minutes, and those minutes turn into hours of lost time.

You can watch how the challenge unfolded in the video below.

Premier Bathrooms also uses the specialist suit featured in the video to test their bathroom and shower ranges in order to ensure that the suites are of the best quality, and comfortable for people with mobility needs. I think the campaign is a great way to raise awareness of arthritis.

To find out more about the campaign, or to donate to the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society take a look at the Premier Bathrooms Seconds Matter Campaign.

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